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Travis Willis
Buyer supplies
1. 30'x 250' Flat, dry, smooth, area (dirt or pavement).
2. Adequate lighting (if necessary).
3. Ambulance with paramedics on site.
4. Solid interlocking barriers to keep crowd out of performance area.
5. 110 outlet if available for safety air bag.
6. Lodging the night prior and of event.


Show Description
Team FMX Freestyle Motocross Exhibitions can fit a wide variety of formats. These shows can be arranged to fit into any type of itinerary or even turn into a show of its own. Each show is a choreographed routine specialized to fit the particular event. These show consist of high-flying, action-packed Freestyle Motocross jumping along with crowd interacting, crowd participation, autograph signings and free giveaways.


Typical Show Layouts

A. Three 15-20 minute shows per day for two days with announcer and sound. Additional days available on request. Minimum of two riders. This format is designed for festival style events that have a rotating crowd. This is a repeat performance that is very popular with Fairs, bike rally's, car shows, festivals, and all day events of any kind.  




B. Sixty minute show with ten minute intermission. Announcer with minimum of four riders. Designed mostly for an additional stand alone act that is added to other full day events. Such as an additional paid show that you would see at the fair. However if your you looking to have an hours worth of entertainment than this is the package you want.   




C. One 90 minute show with 15 minute intermission. Announcer, 6-8 FMX riders, possible two ramp combo along with additional acts to add a variety of action sports appealing to the younger generation. Options available (street bikes, BMX, globe of steal, xtreme trials, wheelie wizard, extra ramps, X-pogo, ect.




Turn key Portable Ramp system

The Team FMX portable ramp system is a great convenience to promoters. Cutting out the cost and inconvenience of dirt, equipment, operators and added costly expenses. The process of setting up and taking down a FMX stunt show is a quick and easy routine. In a matter of minuets the entire Team can be out on the floor to set up and prepared to jump with no hasels


Below you will find comments from past events as well as fans.
Dear Travis,

On behalf of the Downtown Improvement Board of Panama City, I would like to personally thank you and your team for your support of our "The X-Treme" event that were held July 3rd & 4th, 2004 at the Panama City Marina.

Team FMX did an outstanding job and had the crowd mesmerized by the tricks your team preformed. You and your team were assessable to the public and the kids who saw the show, which made the parents happy. Travis, you guys went above and beyond expectations and I will not hesitate to book you again.

If you need a got one here!


Please convey to all my sincere thanks!

Thanks again for making "The X-Treme" such a huge success.

Dutch Sanger
Events Coordinator
Downtown Improvement Board
Panama City, FL

I'm the Director of Communications for the Premier Racing Association and just wanted to say "great job" at Illiana Speedway the other night. You guys are obviously very passionate about what you do, and put on a very entertaining show.
Hope our paths cross down the road.
Keep up the good work!!!

Bob Jenkins

I owe you a lot! Christopher seemed to have an interest in the gang life in the past, but he never lost interest in dirt biking. I told him if he saved up his money I would pay for half for a dirt bike and at 12 years old HE worked and saved up over $600.00 by getting jobs to cut grass. So we got him a 2005 YZ85. He loves it and he no longer cares about the gang thing. He is actually turned off by it. He loves the dirt biking and thanks to you he is really good at it too. I am getting one and we are making it a family thing. Thank you for taking the time and teaching him at the Cycle Mania(s)! You really need to know that you have made a tremendous difference in lives.

Chris’ Dad



I’m sure he will send you pictures soon

Again thank you for all you have done and do, and the awesome attitude you possess especially with the kids
saw travis willis at the monster truck show last night in savannah, ga. he rocks!!!! enjoyed the show a lot, he kept it alive!!! i'm definetly a new fan of the sport! sign me up ya'll!!! Jessica, Age 28


I just wanted to drop you a few lines and tell you thank you. My husband and I took our son to your show. All he talks about is Freestyle and one day he is going to do Freestyle and on and on. I can't begin to tell you how much it meant to him for you to take the time to talk with him, sign autographs and most importantly let him sit on your bike. He has talked non stop about you. You are really a great rider but it means so much more that you take time for your fans. Thank you again, Pam
Dear Travis,

Hi, hope you had a very nice Christmas and a Happy and Good New Year, to you all.

Jeremy got the material you gave me for him. He just received it. It takes a good while for packages to get to him.

I think I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed the show the day I met you.

Love, Carolyn

Dear Travis Willis / TEAM FMX,

I would like to thank you for your donation to help raise money to benefit, ALSAC / St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. A check in the amount of $980.00 was sent to the children at St. Jude. The Miracle Mile would not have been a success without your help. Thanks again.

Justin R. Songer
Coordinator of Miracle Mile

All I can say is WOW! We were looking to add some entertainment to our racing event at Illiana Motor Speedway and you provided a show that was well beyond our expectations. We’ve received many compliments from fans that really enjoyed it and appreciate you, Scott, and Ed taking time to sign autographs after the event. I cannot thank you and your team enough for being professional and easy to work with. The mix of racing and freestyle seemed to work very well and I look forward to having many more events with Team FMX in the future.

Jason Smith

Premier Racing Association

Anderson, IN
It was a awesome show in Green Bay Wisconsin!! Everyone there had so much fun. I Just wanted to say the tricks, and attitude that You all had was wonderful!! And all thanks to you making us all want bigger tricks i had no voice left but in the end it was all worth it!! Thanks again for the AWESOME show. Kortney
Hey Travis,

My 7-year-old son and I caught your show in Chesapeake over the weekend.
He hasn't stopped talking about it. He told me last night he wished he
could "rewind his life" so he could see the show again. You wrote your
website on his arm, and there is no way he'll wash that off. You guys
make a huge impression.

You mentioned that you might be able to send him a poster. If you could,
with your autograph, he'd go freaking nuts.

Coby Mather

Dear Travis,

Heritage Harley-Davidson would like to thank you for the outstanding show you put on for our customers. We had more calls inquiring about your show than we have had for other events recently. Your show brought such a wide array of people to our Open House. We are looking forward to having you here Bike week 2005.
Even with the rain putting a damper on things for a while you came through. It was really great when you brought your bikes in the showroom and started signing autographs and interacting with our customers!
All of us here at Heritage Harley-Davidson wish you and Team FMX the greatest success!

Rebecca Bunyard
Events Coordinator
Heritage Harley-Davidson

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