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Crazy days and exciting times as it seems Bristol is the Staple in events you can count on Team FMX. After the last adventure and break down we were looking for a good run. As the good lord blessed us it certainly was. AS the trips starts out Travis Meet up with Ed in Clinton SC at Cooper Motor Company. How Ironicļ We said hello to the great group of people, handed out some swag and off we went. This time at Bristol We were invited to perform on the front stretch start / finish line right after driver introduction for the NASCAR truck series. This was a golden opportunity to grab some great exposer as it was on live tv for FOX Sports. The ramps had to be brought out then taken off very quickly as planed we were bringing in 3 flip riders to slay the show. Thanks to USFMX and coincidence that Monster Energy had a demo the following day with Keith Sayers, Nick Dunn, and Heath Frisby. We worked together to put on the best show possible for the Speedway and succeeded. Using Sayers, Dunn and Team Manager d Rossi it was an Epic Show. There were a lot of snags we ran into with rain, ramps, live TV, and NASCAR, but when it was all said and done it was a huge success. Once the show finished up we were off to Louisville for a 10 am set up. Driving through the night and a major storm we made it. We set up inside Freedom Hall along with the BMX pros. We teamed up to put on a great performance. After that we took the ramps outside and set up for the next 10 days. Travis, ED and Mark rode for the first half of the week. Rossi then had to head out so Cody Cavanaugh filled in. IT was a great week of riding and lots of fun. We now get a few weeks off then back to Bristol for The Super Chevy Show. We will see you there.

Bristol Adventures once again. This place never gets old. It¡¦s BRISTOL BABY! This was a unique show as ED Rossi and Crew were off performing a show up north. So I grabbed the Rig, did a few mods, and a make over, then headed to the mountains. It was great to get up there and see friends again as it has been a few years for me. I had set up Dereck Burlew to join me for this show. Also to the surprise of some Team Rider Kenny Steinkie joined me as copilot for the trip. Kenny had brought his bike for me and him to just ride around the venue and have fun on. He has only been on the bike a few times in the yard since the accident over 2 years ago. After some long hours working on the ramp and a good ride up it was time to practice. I arrived early to test out the new launch ramp for the rig. As I was gearing up Kenny decided he wanted to hit the ramp. We discussed the situation and were in agreeance we would bring it as close as possible and just play around. So we did. 20 minutes later we were only 15 feet shy from our show gap. He was having fun just jumping the ramps and even pulling off a heel clicker. It was great to see him get back on the bike because he wanted too, and only did it to have fun. So everybody knows now Kenny is not back to riding shows. He has a 7 month old baby boy named Ryder that he is focused on, and just having fun. But beware of Rider Steinkie in the future... On to the show. Dereck Burlew is one solid rider that I have known since our first show together back in the early 2000,s. He came in and rocked the house throwing out huge extensions on every trick and superb backflips. Me on the other hand was a little rusty as I have not been on the bike in a while. However I plan on doing some more riding and get back to doing shows. Another great thing about Bristol is getting to see close friends Kaleb, Vikki & Vance. They have been fans for years and are considered family. Now the adventure home. As we all know road life is unpleasant at times due to breakdowns far from home. We had experienced one this time and made some wonderful friends during the unpleasantness¡¦. Cooper Motor Company in Clinton SC was the closest place to fix the truck and it was a GOD send in disguise. The dealership was chalked full of Cummins diesels¡¦, and some totally decked out for traveling. So I knew this place knows there stuff. I was then introduce to Ramone Lopez the Diesel Mechanic as he walked me through everything. He is an X skateboarded from CALI and was very likeminded. It was great to meet him and the wonderful Team at Cooper Motor Company. We are looking forward to a relationship in the future. Stay tuned as we will be heading right back up to Bristol on Aug 19 for the NASCAR Truck Series. We will be jumping on the front stretch. Going to be exciting.

Once again Thunder over Augusta was a huge success. It is always great going back to perform for a client that puts on such a great event. The celebration for the Armed Forces event is detected and put on for the Men and Women who serve our country as well as their family and friends. Windsor Fine Jewelers along with Gerald Jones Auto Group are the founders and a very kind and generous group of people. Team FMX was welcomed back with open arms to do what they do best. The Riders were Ed Rossi, Mark Merrix and Cody Cavanah. Travis joined the fellas for a little practice session on Friday however did not ride in the show. The fellas had three shows throughout the day and the crowd steadily got larger. By the Time Team FMX was done with their last show, 10,000 plus were on site. The weather was great and the riders were on their game. Big thanks to all involved to help put this event on especially Mr. Donny, Mr. Gerald, and Shane. Looking forward to seeing you guys next time.

Hello All. Yes is has been quite some time again since our last update. Yes we have been busy and there has been a number of successful shows since the last update. As we stated Ed Rossi has been taking on most of the shows with Mark Merrix and other riders. However Travis has been in attendance for a few. The fellas have been traveling throughout the entire east coast keeping the excitement alive. Kentucky, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma were some of the stops. Ed has been doing a stellar job taking on the responsibility of handling the shows without Travis there as well as announcing them. We have been receiving great reviews on the job they have been doing. As the year is winding down its time for the guys to spend some time at home with there families and rest up. 2015 is right around the corner and Team FMX is looking forward to the 15th year of performing shows world wide. Travis will once again be back out announcing on the Monster Jam circuit as Ed will be continuing to take on all the shows. Here are some pics from some the past few shows below. Thanks to all for there continued support. Also BIG thanks to Aerovision Productions for the sweet new promo video. Check them out at

Hello all and thank you for your continued support. We know it has been a while as this 2014 season got off to a crazy start. We apologize for the long delay in our updates. Lets get started as to what has been going on. For starters Travis has been announcing Monster Jams through out the nation and has not been on the bike for quite some time. However he will be back in action in the spring time. He has also been invited to help announce the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas March 20-22. This is the biggest event in the Monster Truck world and we hope to see some of you there. Check out for more details. On the Team FMX Freestyle Motocross Show side Ed Rossi has been heading up the operation. He has been doing a steller job along with Mark Merrix. Big thanks to both these guys for doing a great job at all the Team FMX events this 2014 season. Below are some updates from Rossi on the shows Mark and him have been performing at. Please check our schedule page for any upcoming shows in your area.
Augusta, Ga

First things first, thank you Lord for keeping us safe this weekend. We thank you for all the talents and skills that you've given us to follow our dreams. In Jesus name we pray, AMEN. With that said we made it! Battling negative temperatures, interstates being closed, three inches of glare ice on the roads from Chicago to Kentucky, Weetle and I made it to our destination, Durhamtown Plantation Sportsmans Resort. I needed some time on the new bike and Weetle had some overheating issues with his bike that needed to be addressed. The forcast was mostly rain for our visit, but we managed to get in a good practice session on Wednsday just before we had to leave for Augusta. We plan on going back to shred as soon as we can, if you like to ride or hunt check them out at .

Another thanks to GOD goes out for keeping our freind Kenny Stienke alive after a horrible crash in Augusta last year. Multiple weeks in coma, bleeding on the brain, infections months after the surgery, almost one year of recovery, we are pleased to report Kenny is back on his bike. He is not hitting ramps yet, but Kenny was brave enough to come to this show to see all of the fans that he has made in the last year and take a couple victory laps during introductions. Kenny was also out on his bike during our shows to get the crowd pumped and to show he just itching to get back in the air! It's amazing to think just a couple months ago he was learning how to talk and walk again. He will be back flipping in no time.

Practice went well, we got the gap stretched out to 66', hucked a couple flips and called it good. Both the Friday and Saturday night crowds were amazing, with the stands over 3/4 full there was tons of energy. Mark and I are both a little rusty coming back after three months off but we managed to get off some sweet tricks, nailed a couple flips and then tightened it up for a couple trains. The monsters followed suit with a crazy freestyle finale, smashing, crashing, and some nasty dougnuts, dirt was flying everywhere. All in all it was a great show for the first one of the year. We would like to thank the staff at the James Brown arena for all of there help and thank the for having us! Check back soon for more updates!


Jackson, MS

The second stop on our four week tour brings us to The Jackson Coluseium in Jackson, Mississippi. This would be a three show weekend with a Friday night show, Saturday matinee, and Saturday night show. We arrived Thursday afternoon with enough time to get the landing and truck washed up, and get the landing set in place.

First thing Friday morning Weetle and I rode a sweet practice session and everything was good to go. The stands were packed for the Friday night show and there was a very energetic crowd on hand to witness all the carnage. Saturday matinee was no slouch crowd either, there were tons of kids in attendance and they were all very excited to see the show. Weetle was getting back in his groove throwing some big shaolin bar hops. I was feeling a little frisky also throwing no handed flips and getting back into superflips.

Saturday night was packed once again and all of the monster truck drivers brought their A game. Bigfoot rolled it over in freestyle and the fans were loving it! All in all it was an awsome show with an awsome crowd and we can't wait to get back and do it again next year. A big thanks to The Good LORD above for getting us through this one!!


Souix Falls, SD

Things did not go as planned for the Gonzales, LA show. We got the call from Travis at that someone needed to drive up to South Dakota to cover another show that was booked. We stopped in to see our freinds at JC MX stands in Little Rock, Arkansas, stayed for a few days and got back on the road.

The show was only a one day event with a Saturday matinee and Saturday night showings. We arrived very early on Saturday to practice and get everything ready. The entire arena was covered in Coke syrup which made things extremely slippery. We managed to get the ramp to a 55 foot gap but I flipped it anyway. It was my smallest flip to date and I'm pretty pumped to know I can flip that small of a gap. Both shows were packed houses and with flat track quads and bikes in the mix it made for a spectacular event. The autograph lines were buzzing and people were pumped on our performance.

The weather channel was calling for a blizzard the following morning so we wanted to leave very early, not to mention the 25 hour drive back to Georgia we had. As I was pulling the truck into the arena Saturday night to hook up to the landing and pull it out the left tie rod broke on my truck. We got a ride to the parts store first thing the next morning, got the truck fixed, hooked up and hit the road. We thank GOD for getting us through this one.


Fayetteville, NC

This was the last show on the Monster X tour. Weetle and I spent the week before in Union Point, GA at Durhamtown Plantation. It snowed the entire time so we were not able to get any riding in but Mark had his leaky fork seals replaced while we were there. Thursday morning we started the drive towards Fayetteville, got there with plenty of time to wash the landing ramp, truck, takeoff ramp, and airbag before the show. We arrived at the arena Friday morning to sey up and get a sweet practice session in. The set up was a little sketchy cause of the small floor size so we had to use the tunnel to shoot out and land in and it was about 12 feet wide. We managed to get through practice without a hitch, got the ramps pulled off the floor just in time for the pit party.

The Friday night show had decent attandance and all the Monsters were laying down good runs. Mark and I came out swinging after intermission and had the crowd energized. The Saturday night crowd was much bigger and so was the airtime. Holmans Beast and Bigfoot were toe to toe in the wheelie compitition and Freestyle was out of control. We finished off our last show in style, we would like to thank GOD for keeping us safe for the last few weeks and look forward to next years monster truck shows.


Charlotte Motor Speedway for the back to school bash. Once again Team FMX was back at Charlotte Motor Speedway performing at the Monster Truck Event. Just like every year the course was massive and the Monster Trucks had there work cut out for them. This track has enormous jumps and even a crossover section. There was a ten truck line up with some of the best monster Trucks in the nation going head to head against each other. On of course team FMX was there to perform the high flying action. The riders were Paul Smith and TW. The guys were fortunate enough to have a dirt landing and felt safe as you can jumping dirt bikes 30 ft of the ground. The guys had to go out two times with the first round just being a few jump warm up round. After intermission the Paul and TW got to go out and put all they had into the performance. The 19,000 fans were as loud as loud could be. It was such a great energy that you cannot find any where else. At the end of the run Paul turn his 450cc Honda upside down a few time witch really got the fans on there feet. All in all it was a great time and the guys look forward to next years event.

Onto Jamestown New York where Ed Rossi was leading the pack for Thunder in the Streets. Rider Mark Merrix was back in the game after adding a few new plates and screws into his arm from 8 weeks ago. It was a great showing with both riders putting down solid shows and making it through the weekend safely. This is another event Team FMX looks forward to being a part of next year.

It has been pretty busy here at Team FMX. In the past two weeks there has been a total of four separate events. Starting out with Rossi, Nick Gore and Mike Keeper at Bristol Motor Speedway. This year the event was a double header with Rally Car racing during the day that was broadcast live on ESPN followed by the annual Monster Truck show. The event went off well with everybody riding great and making it home safe. Mean while over in Villa Rica GA, Tom Parsons and TW were riding at a charity event for Bikers battling Breast Cancer. This was the first time Team FMX performed for this organization and everybody gave rave reviews. The promoter has already put the team down on next years calendar and we will be looking forward to returning for such a great cause. Moving on to the next weekend Team FMX had an event at Black Diamond HD in Marion IL. This was the second weekend in a row that guys were doubled booked. So TW sent in Cody Cavanagh to head up the show at the HD dealership. Due to bad weather the riders were only able to get in one show but still did a great job considering. Look for the guys to be back soon.
South of this event Rossi and TW were at the Monster X Tour in Batesville AK. This event was held at the local speedway for an outdoor event. As always with outdoor events the weather is always a concern. After raining all day Ed and TW were able to squeeze in a little practice during the pit party and got of the show with great riding. The second day was nothing but sunshine and a great crowd that was on there feet for the event. Both guys once again did a awesome job and are invited back for there next event. All in all it was a super successful two weeks and most important everybody made it thorough safe.
On another note Kenny is making a great recovery and is on track to be back riding as soon as he is able. Great Job Kenny keep up the good work.

It has been a while since our last update however we have been busy with some great shows. First lets start with an update on Kenny. he is back in Florida now and will be starting rehab any day now. We appreciate all the prayers and support from everybody and ask to keep it up. We still have a long road ahead of us. We will keep you updated on his progress.
Moving on the Thunder over Augusta. This is a great event honoring our military personal and their service to our country. This was the third time Team FMX has been a part of the event and as always it was a class act. We also want to thank Bridget and her mom for setting up a fund raiser to help Kenny with his medical expenses. She did a tremendous amount of stuff and is part of the family now. Ed Rossi and Jerry Jackson put on a awesome show that the 10 plus thousand people enjoyed.
Moving on to Akron Ohio for the Super Summit Show for Summit Racing. If you are into trucks, cars, high performance parts and everything in between you must attend this event. This was the second time Team FMX has had the opportunity to perform for Summit racing. This company really knows how to treat its talent. From help start to finish, hot meals catered and cold drinks immediately getting of the bikes it does not get any better. We are looking forward to a great relationship that will continue to grow with Summit Racing. Special thanks to Don, Jim and big Dave for all the help and hospitality. Ed Rossi, Nick Gore and TW were the riders and the crowd was very excited each and every show. we are looking forward to next year.
The next stop was at the Liberty Baptist Church in Appomattox VA. The event consisted of a Team FMX Freestyle Show followed up by a fire work show. It was held at the local high school and proved to be a big hit with the entire town. It was amazing to see several thousand people show up and completely surround the jump area. The crowd was super loud as Ed and Travis did what they do best and put on a great show. Thanks to Rusty Small, Shawn, Terry and all the great people from the church and town for a great experience. we hope to see them again real soon.
More updates to come as Ed and Travis split up to take care of a few double bookings that are on the books. Stay tuned for more Team FMX Freestyle Motocross news.

This past weekend has been tough one for Team FMX. The Team had two shows going on with one of them in Garner NC at Team Power Sports. Ed Rossi and Mark Merrix did a great job at and all was well.
Riders Kenny Steinke, Jerry Jackson and Travis Willis were in Augusta GA for the Monster X Tour. Things were going good until Saturday night. During the jump off between Kenny and Jerry, Kenny unfortunately went down hard performing a stripper. His foot got caught on the handel bars and he was un able to get it free before landing. He is currently in the hospital recovering. We ask that everybody please say a prayer and keep him in your thoughts as it is going to be a long road to recovery. We will try to keep you updated on his condition the best we can. At the moment he is in stable but serious condition. He has a bruise on his brain, cracked ribs and bruised lungs. He has been able to move both legs and arms but will need a lot of support from his friends, family and fans. if you wish to help out with medical bills please go to and click on the donate button. We wish Kenny the best and pray for a speedy recovery. Thanks for all the support!

March was the strongest month so far this year. It started out in Bike Week 2013 at Orlando Harley Davidson. This was a 9 day event that was overlapped by the Sarasota Fair in South FL as well as the Monster X Tour in Ft. Wayne IN. Team FMX had riders Jerry Jackson and Kenny Steinke riding and TW taking on the mic in Orlando. Three shows each day with thousands of bikers on hand cheering and screaming. It was a constant battle with the winds through out the week but the guys rode well and had a great time. The Thursday before it was over TW headed south to meet up with Ed Rossi and Mark Merrix as Kenny and Jerry stayed behind in Orlando to finish up the shows. They showed up on site in Sarasota to get the ramps in place to start out with another 9 day event. It sure is nice to have the rig in one place for a duration of time and perform shows every day. The Sarasota people were a great bunch of folks to work for and Team FMX has already been invited back for 2014. The riders did a great job and seemed to have impressed some very important people in the business. Look for Team FMX to be at a lot more FL fairs in the future. The fist weekend of this 9 day stretch was the last weekend of the Orlando run and the same weekend as the Ft. Wayne Indiana Monster X tour. Team FMX sent in Scott Murray and Mike Keeper to handle the Friday and Saturday night shows in Ft. Wayne. It was a great showing by both riders as they finished out the weekend without any problems. Mean while Ed, Mark and Travis continued riding during the week as Kenny and Jerry prepared for the Jackson Miss show at the Great Southern Biker Rally. At the weekend finished up all the shows went great with the clients being very satisfied with the Team FMX performances. Now the guys have a few weeks off to get some rest before heading back out on the road for more great adventures. Stay tuned. The next stop is in Raleigh NC at Team Power Sports. See you there!

Montgomery AL is the next stop on the Monster X Tour. Back into the Monster Truck routine is has been a good year for Team FMX. The show consisted of Monster Trucks, Quad Wars and FMX. The riders Ed Rossi, Mark Merrix, and TW were on hand to give the awesome crowd a great show. The guys only had to go out once after intermission and leave it all out on the floor. It was a ten minute Jam session with the guys throwing it all out there including a few flip trains. The fans were super excited and on there feet. It was a great time and we look forward to next year.
Lake Charles civic center is the next show on the route. This was the first stop on tour that the weather was warm and it was nice to have a show without having to wear winter clothing. Once again it was Ed, Mark and Travis performing on the concrete floor. This time not only were there quad wars but lawn mower racing as well. It was an action packed show with lots of entertainment for the fans. Bill Payne and the Rock Star Monster Truck put on a great show for the fans as he always does, and the FMX crew once again had the crowd on there feet for there exhibition. Moving on to March Team FMX has quite a few shows lined up and over lapping each other. We will have ramps and riders spread out all over the US so stay tuned for the next update.

Just south of Cincinnati in Highland Heights KY is where the next stop was at. Ed Rossi took care of this event with riders Mark Merrix and Mike Keeper from WI. This was the first show of the year that a dirt landing was provided. It was not as big as the guys would have liked but it was big enough. Unfortunately the arena was short and the landing was built really close to the wall, but as always the guys adapted to the conditions and put on a great show. Next stop is Montgomery AL.

18 degrees out side and raining. Not fun but luckily the shows in the first quarter are indoors. On Friday night it rained and caused over 200 accidents in the county were the show was, so the turn out was not real big. Never the less it was still a great show. Come Saturday night it seemed like everybody and the family showed up. Once again riders Ed Rossi, Mark Merix, and TW went out and performed great for the screaming fans. The show only had Monster Trucks and FMX so the fella's went out twice during the show. Both time the fans were on there feet wanting more. In topical Team FMX fashion the guys ended the show with all riders in the air at the same time. And of course Rossi was up side down. He must have flipped ten time through out the shows finishing up with a huge no handed flip. looking forward to the next stop in Highland Heights KY.

2013 is here and its been cold. The season started out in Jackson Mississippi for the Monster X Tour. Its been a while since Team FMX has done any monster truck show and it was like riding a bike. The riders Ed Rossi and TW set the ramps up on the floor during intermission and gave the crowd a great show. Starting out with a few warm up jumps and then ending up with a few trains with one rider right side up and the other upside down. As always the crowd was super loud and seemed to really enjoy the show. The truck line up was good and the drivers went wide open to get the win in each round. lots of fun and ready for the rest of the season. next stop is Fayetteville NC. See you there.

Summer tour continued.

Great success on the second portion of the Team FMX summer tour. The next stop was in Jamestown NY. This event was set up in the middle of downtown. DJDC was responsible for bringing in the Team to perform for the people of the city. It was a one day event that was free to the public and had a huge turn out. Riders Kenny Steinke and TW put on a great performance that was talked about for days after, and made the front page of the paper. The guys rode great and had a great crowd to perform for. Big thanks to the people of Jamestown and all the great people the guys got to meet during there stay.


On to the next stop in Winston Salem NC. This was the second time Team FMX Freestyle Motocross Stunt Show got to perform for the WS Air show. Over 40,000 people showed up for the two day event at the Smith Reynolds Airport. Unfortunately the first day¡¦s shows had to be cancelled due to severe winds that keep the guys along with some plans grounded. Not to worry the following day the show was on. Team FMX had to get clearance from the FAA and set the ramps up on the infield of the airstrip. With a beyond huge crowd watching once again Kenny and TW put on a great showing that was praised by many pilots who fly fighter jets and stunt planes. Team FMX is looking forward to next years showing for the massive amount of people that attend the event.

Moving on to surviving Silk Hope NC. The next stop of this leg was only about 1 hour down the street from Winston Salem. It was the annual Farmers day event just outside Siler City NC. This event has some of the oldest Tractors and best ice cream in the nation. The people of Silk Hope are some of the kindest people Team FMX has meet traveling the nation. The riders were Kenny Steinke, Chris Holland and good ole TW. This was a one night performance that was tied into a Rodeo for the night time festivities. Everybody rode well and put on a great show for the locals. After the event Travis had to send Kenny overseas to perform in South America for two weeks as he stayed in Silk Hope with some great new friends. Big thanks to the Lemons Family for setting TW up with a place to relax for the week, Mrs. Lemons great dinners, and awesome adventures with Clay on the Farm. Can¡¦t wait until next year!

Heading back north to the Summit Racing Headquarters in Ohio. This event was the annul Truck Fest put on free to the public. It consisted of a Truck show, DJ, food and Fun. The new addition of the event was Team FMX. It was a major hit to with the people and great new addition to the new line of powersports products the company is carrying. Don and Jim along with many other employees were a true pleasure to work for. They were more than helpful and gave us anything we needed. Travis was joined by Paul Smith to get the job done. There was an issue with rain the day prior and they were not able to get in any practice. The next morning Travis arrived early to help dry the ramps and area of the show. After hours of work it was time to perform. As always Team FMX shows were very receptive to the crowd and much appreciated by all involved. Team FMX is looking forward to an even bigger relationship with Summit Racing in the near Future.

Last stop is where it began back at Bristol Motor Speedway for the Super Chevy Show. You can never say enough about the people who run Bristol. It is always a pleasure to go there as the Team has built a great fan following along with good relationships with the people in charge. Riding in the show was Ed Rossi, Kenny Steinke and of course TW. Like a few events on this tour the wind was to strong during the day to get in any practice. So the guys did what they could during the show to make a good showing including lining up on the triple tree for a good old fashion drag race. Travis being the winner it was a good all around time and a lot of fun. Thanks to all the great people at Bristol and we will see you next year!


Back t to Bristol Baby. It¡¦s the start of a two month long tour across the US. It was the one year anniversary of Travis breaking his ankle. It was a nerve racking day even though he has already been performing shows since the injury. The other riders were Ed Rossi and Kenny Steinke. The crowd keeps getting bigger each year and had an attendance of 12 thousand plus. The set up was the same as each year and had eight of the best monster trucks in the business. The guys went out several times during the night building up the tricks as they went. As always the crowd was extremely loud and great to perform for. All the trucks put on some great race action and awesome freestyle round. Everybody made it through the night safe and had a good showing. We will be back at Bristol in September at the Super Chevy show. Always a good time in Bristol!

Next stop Thomson Motorsports in Terra Haute IN. This is the third time Team FMX has performed for the dealership and like every time before they were welcomed with great hospitality. Scott Westfall and Chad Thomson are a couple of great guys to work for. The dealership is huge with a great staff. Upon arriving the guys got set up in the parking lot and there was only a slight breeze. Looking forward to performing the next day the weather was looking great. Unfortunately the next day the wind had picked up and was a direct cross wind. The show at noon went of good with the wind sort of working in our favor. By the time the 2pm show was starting the wind had increased quite a bit. The guys went out there to test out the conditions. The gust were too severe and the show had to be called off. Kenny went out and flipped the gap before parking the bike to give the crowd what they wanted to see. It was a gamble but the crowd was pleased. The wind kept up throughout the rest of the day and it was the same outcome at the 4pm show. All in all the crowd was happy as well as Thomson Motorsports. We cannot wait until next year to go back and really put on a great showing. Off to INDY!

It was only about an hour trip to the next show at the Indiana State Fair. This was a one day showing were Team FMX joined up with the BMX Pros for a one hour performance. Once again the weather was not working in or favor. The 2pm show started and seemed to be going good. Then out of nowhere the wind blew the airbag 20 feet from the ramp and the rain started to come down. The show had to be stopped during the BMX performance and we had to hold of until the 7pm showing. The rain had left and ramps were dried but the wind kept increasing. After the start of the 7pm show the BMX portion of the show was done and it was time for FMX. Ed, Kenny and Travis started there part of the show and it was not looking good. After going through the first potion it was time to kick it up a notch. After about three jumps the guys were struggling to pull of any tricks due to the wind blowing them sideways. After a quick sideline decision the decision was made to call it quits before somebody got hurt. Ed and Kenny did go out and pull of a back to back back flip pass for the finally and the crowd was going crazy. It was not something the riders wanted to do but the crowd really showed the appreciation. We look forward to next year and hope the weather will work with us so we will be able to give it 110%. Off to New York!


Branson Motorcycle Rally is the last stop on the month long adventure. This was the second year Team FMX got to perform for the rally. The location was moved to the Out Back steak and oyster bar on the strip. The ramps were set up right beside the road and were quite a draw. Unfortunately the area was very limited to work with but the guys did a great job with what they had. There was also the B-town Show Down street bike competition going on along with Pit Bike races. The event was lot of fun and as always we are looking forward to next year.

Big St. Charles Motorsports has step up there game. Since our last trip to the dealership they have purchased the building next door and tripled in size. They moved all the HD bikes, parts and accessories to the new place and have nothing but motorsports in the old building witch was updated. The Team set up in the same spot as usual and once again had a great turn out for a holiday weekend. They sold over 20 motorcycles that day and were very satisfied with the outcome of the show. Big thanks to Terry and Dennis for bringing the guys back to town. Also thanks to Chip Warren for some great photos.

Rolling into Georgia for the celebration of the soldiers called Thunder over Augusta was quite a treat. It was shaping up just as expected. This is a huge event hosted by Windsor Fine Jewelers who are some of the most generous people Team FMX knows. They put on this one day event that is free to the public and consist of vendors, US Military demonstration, concert with national named acts and of course Team FMX. There was a severe head wind the day of the show and was close to having to call off. However this seemed not to be an option being that the men and women of the armed forces risk there life's everyday so we Americans can have the freedom that we do. It was very satisfying to be able to perform in front of so many real heroes. As always Team FMX did a great job and had nothing but great feedback. Ed, Kenny and Travis must have signed over 1000 autographs for the kids and family's that attended and are excited to go back next year. The guys were also treated to the tour of Mr.Donnie's personal car collection. All we have to say is WOW! Thanks to Dean Wagner for some awsome photos. Onward to the next stop at BIG St. Charles HD / Motorsports. On the way Team FMX had the pleasure of stopping of at Wildflower Motorsports Park just south of Nashville Tennessee. They were greeted with awesome hospitality by the president Ryan Mcginnis and his family as they open there doors for the fella's to stay at there place in between shows. During the stay the guys got to go and help work on the track, swim in the pool, do a little riding on there days off, and let there daughter dress them up. Big thanks to Ryan, Sam, Maylie, and of course Keegan. We look forward to coming back and performing a show for them soon. Check out Wildflower Motosports park on Facebook.

Its been quite a trip. The 4 week adventure starts out in Phoenix city Alabama at East Alabama Speedway. This was the second time Team FMX performed for the speedway and it was another great showing. Ed, Kenny and Travis were the riders for the couple thousand people on hand the see the show. It was a one night performance and the weather was playing a factor. The guys were watching the radar as the rain was moving in. Once given the go the fella's started the show. During the show the rain started to fall so the guy's step up the pace and finished the show with flying colors. Ed and Kenny performed several flip trains with the final hit consisting of a nac nac flip and a no handed flip. All in all it was a great show and the fans were super loud. The rain then started to fall heavily and the ramps were not going anywhere that night. Expecting it would stop by morning they had no luck. When arriving the next day to pick every thing up it stopped just enough to get loaded with out getting wet. Once loaded it was quite a mission to get the ramps out of the slippery orange clay but they managed. Thanks to all the people who were on hand and helping out. Next stop Thunder over Augusta!

Garnner NC and Team Powersports was the place to be. Team FMX rolled into town on Thursday to get the ramps set up and in place for a Friday and Saturday showing. After the guys arrived and got the ramps in place they were able to hang out with some of the fella¡¦s who worked at the shop. Even the shop owner Will stuck around and had conversation with us. This is a class act store and all the employees enjoyed working there and what they do. Its always nice to see an operation like this one. The next day the guy showed up for practice and the place was rocking. They had free food, demos rides, NASCAR simulator, and a DJ. Team Powersports went all out for the event and it showed. The people started coming and the fence line filled up. Ed and Travis rode really well and had lots of fun. They were set up right in the parking lot right in front of the store and had great weather all weekend long. They were also joined by Banks Hovey as he went out and did a few burnouts for the crowd. Banks is one of the next top amateur riders coming out of NC. They are looking forward to next year¡¦s event and even a possible one before then. Team FMX wants to thanks Will and his gang for all the great hospitality the show us while we were there. We also want to thanks Sue Vaughan for the photos. Next Stop Phoenix City AL, at the East Alabama Dirt Track. See you next time!

Florida State fair was a huge success. Team FMX linked up with The BMX Pro's and put on what was said to be the highlight of the 11 day State Fair. The show set up was indoors and could not have been any better. Everyday the people piled into the stands to see the extreme action sports show. The show had several X-Games medalist and dew tour riders. This was a 30 minute action pack show that consisted of vert ramp, box jump, flatland and FMX. The stands were packed with standing room only at quite a few shows and the riders all rode really well. The grand finally jump was a combination of the BMX riders going upside down along with Rossi doing the same. Look close at the pictures to see both riders upside down simultaneously. It was a lot of fun for ED and Travis and they are looking forward to going back next year. See you at the next show!

2012 is here and flying buy right out of the gate. We are going to start things off with Travis heading out to host a few events and announce some of the Bad Boys of Arenacross races. The first stop was in Charlotte NC at the Bo jangles Coliseum and the second stop in Hoffman estates IL at the Sears center. It was a nice and fun change of pace for TW as he got to fly in and out of these first two stops where the tempature was nothing like the warm Florida Sunshine. It was nice to get to watch some awesome racing and not be so stress out worrying about his injury suffered in July. Since the last update TW was able to finally go and see he specialist to confirm that he did in fact break his talice in his right ankle. The options were to either fuse the ankle and permitley place it in one position or just deal with the pain. So the choice was obvious. It hurts every day but as he always says. Occupational hazard.:) So after the first two events it was time to hook up the ramp and head to South Carolina for the first FMX show of the year. After picking up Rossi from the airport the guys got the ramps set up and it was time for practice. It was most definitely a nervous day being that it has been months since Travis has been on the bike. But just like riding a bicycle after the first jump it was like nothing had ever happened. After a good practice session it was show time. The people pile into the arena the fella's went out the and did what they do best. It was a very fun and satisfying time getting back into the grove and ready for the upcoming shows in 2012. Team FMX also wants to thanks and welcome aboard there new gear sponsor Chill. Check them out at The gear was super comfortable and durable. Check out the web site and let them know you heard about them from Team FMX. The next few stops will be in Florida and a very welcomed February schedule as we will not have to be in the cold and snow like the many years in the past. See you at the show!

We are very sad to announce fans that Team FMX Rider KYLE LEE passed away over the weekend. This news comes with a heavy heart. Over the past year Team FMX was fortunate enough to have been bless with the friendship and riding of Kyle Lee. He was the funniest and most appreciative guy for being able to perform with the Team. I meet Kyle many years ago while he was performing at a different show and always liked his attitude, since of humor and style. In the past year he has been making every Team FMX show he could while working 12 hour night shifts at Georgia power. He would work all night then Drive all day to make it to the show in time for practice. The guy had dedication and desire that was amazing to me. I am at a loss for words on the whole situation but cannot question the reason why. The lord knows why and his plan is the way its supposed to be. I want to send my condolences to Kyle's Girlfriend & Family and say this. Kyle always spoke highly of you all and wanted nothing more than your approval of him chasing his dream of riding his dirt bike. Thank you for supporting him and caring.
Rest in Peace Solider.
We love you Kyle!

Back to the farm, it was time for the Hunsader Farm Pumpkin Fest. This again was another mind blower. The event has now been stretched out to three weekends. This event is always a good time and a lot of fun. This was the first time Travis got back on the bike and his first show since his injury on July 30 in Bristol. It was a little nerve racking jumping and getting back into the routine, so lets get started with the show.

On the 1st show, the guys had just finished their warm up jumps and were starting the show. When ED's was making the turn to approach the ramp, his throttle cable snapped. It was a freak thing but better it happened then as opposed to the ramp. The guys informed the crowd as to what was happening, and they would have the bike back up and going for the next show. Unfortunately, they did not have an extra cable, so they took the one from TW's bike and put it on ED's. Consequently, the last show of the day was a solo run by Rossi, but as always, he gave the crowd what they wanted to see. This was the 4th year the guys have been back to this event, but the first time they brought in the backflip. The crowd went crazy, so after the first day the guys jumped in the truck and headed north to FMX rider Paul Smith's place. He was about 100 miles away but fortunately had an extra cable. After a little catching, the fellas went back south to the hotel. The next morning they put the cable on the bike, and both bikes were back in action. Ed and Travis then did what they know best and put on great exhibitions all day. Some of the other awesome acts that were there were Yellow Designs BMX Stunt Team, The Smage Bros trials, and The Flores Family all from the hit TV show America's Got Talent. All in all, it was a successful, safe, and fun weekend. We hope to see you there next year.

Thunder Valley at Bristol Motor Speedway was the spot this past weekend. It was the Super Chevy Show. Riders for this event included Kyle Lee, Ed Rossi, and TW. This is the same place where Travis exploded his ankle two month's ago. To give you an update, the MRI results revealed a fractured talus. Against doctor¡¦s orders, Travis planned on gearing up to ride for this event. After a few jumps, it was decide that it is too soon to ride, so Travis sat the evening out while Kyle and Ed took care of business. The crowd on hand was very much into the freestyle motocross show and got behind the riders 100%. From top fuel dragsters, jet cars, monster trucks, wheelie wagon, and a bunch of great looking cars and vendors to look at, the entire event, and all the action going on made for a great family fun filled evening. The guys always look forward to events at Bristol and will see you back there next year.


Team FMX had the privilege of performing at the Old Fashion Farmers Day in Siler City, NC. This was the second time Team FMX has provided the Saturday night entertainment for this event. Travis was not there the first year but was able to personally attend this time. He was unable to ride due to the ankle injury he suffered at Bristol but once again the Team put on a great performance. The riders performing were Chris Holland and Kenny Steinky. Ed was sitting the weekend out after suffering a foot injury. The event was an all day festival with a tractor pull in the evening and Team FMX freestyle motocross performing as the halftime entertainment. The show started off with a little snag. The breaker that the air bag was plugged into started popping. Then as the riders were warming up their bikes, Kenny's started to act up and not run very well. So after a few adjustments to the bike, the breaker was holding, and the bike was running good. The format was set up to where the guys went out in two separate sessions. The guys did a great job and wowed the crowd once again in NC. The fans showed the riders a great deal of support and a great time for all and good people to work with. Team FMX is looking forward to going back soon.
Next show was just down the street in Winston Salem, NC at the WS-Air show. This was a huge event that had over 30,000 in attendance the entire weekend. There were many intense air craft demonstrations along with military jets on hand. Once again, TW was on the side line with the ankle injury, but Rossi was back in action. Filling in for TW was Young Buk, Chris Holland. Chris is still fresh in the show scene but has been doing a great job riding. Ed still had a swollen foot from a back flip crash a few weeks ago, but he did not let it slow him down. Both riders kept the crowd on their feet during the Team FMX stunt show. It was amazing to see all the people in the pictures below congregate to the fence line to get a good view once the show started. It was a beautiful day and a great event. The guys were set up front in center and were a huge hit at the event. It¡¦s been said that they do not think there has ever been a crowd cheering that loud at an air show before. What a great compliment. Team FMX was complimented many times from the air show community and will be looking forward to next year¡¦s event.
Next stop will be back to Bristol for the Super Chevy show at Thunder Valley. Travis is planning on getting back on the bike and riding this event. Buckle up, and we will see you there!
Team FMX wants to also give a BIG thanks to Al Borda of SKIN Industries for all the support he is showing the Team. Check out their new site by going to our sponsor¡¦s page and clicking the SKIN link.


It was yet another exciting weekend for Team FMX as it was back to the School Monster Bash. The location was the Charlotte Motor Speedway dirt track. When the guys arrived on scene, they were amazed to see the largest monster truck course and jump they have ever seen. There was a cross over jump designed into the race track that had a launch ramp that was 20 feet high. It was insane, and a few of the truck drivers were intimated by it. The area to set up the FMX ramp that was flat was limited. After a 20 minute discussion with the promoter and riders, it was decided where the landing would be placed. It would be placed next to the landing for the monster truck jump. It seemed to be a safe spot, and the only moving of ramps was going to be the take off. It was a gamble but a mutual decision by all. Unfortunately, it cost Team FMX on the fist truck jump of the show. The first truck of qualifying took off, and in the first turn, it sounded like the truck sputtered on the approach to the ramp causing him to come up a little short. The truck rolled over and right into the landing ramp. Check out video link below. The driver is one of the best in the industry and would have had no trouble making the jump. Fortunately, he was ok after taking a hard hit. As you can see from pictures below and the video, there was no performance for Team FMX this year. The damages could have been a lot worse than they were, but the skid steer that was being used to place the launch ramp was parked next to it. Thankfully, it stopped the truck from continuing to roll into the ramps. After flipping the truck over and moving the ramps off track, the show continued. The very next truck came up short again and busted off the rear end of the truck. From a fans stand point, it was an awesome start to a monster truck show, but as owner and operators (FMX & trucks), it was starting off on the left foot. The next few trucks made the jump but with a struggle, and one even went around the jump. After that, it was decide to take that jump out of the racing. It was just too big! So the riders, Ed Rossi, Kyle Lee, Chris Holland, and TW got the ramp loaded up and ready for the journey home. It was a tuff weekend for Team FMX, but once again a memory for life and a story to tell. We hope to have some new pictures from our next show on Sept. 3rd in North Carolina. Until the next adventure stay positive.
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Bristol baby! That's right; it was once again time for Bristol Motor Speedway's Thompson Monster Truck Madness. Team FMX rolled up to the worlds fastest half mile this past Saturday, for a 14,000 plus attendance crowd. This is one of the team¡¦s favorite shows and is absolutely as fun as it gets. Kyle Lee, Kenny Steinke, and TW were the riders in the line up. As for the Monster trucks, performing were some of the best in the world. For instance, good friend of the team, Gunslinger, along with War Wizard, Spiderman, and Samson were all in attendance. Making his Bristol debut is the most popular monster truck in existence, Grave Digger. This show is top notch and does not get any better. It¡¦s a straight through two hour action packed show that does not stop.
This year there was a small problem, but nothing that Team FMX could not handle. TW showed the crowd how to jump 75 ft to flat concrete without crashing :). In over 10 years of performing FMX, Travis has never had anything like this happen before. He was using the white lines in pit road as a turning point during practice. During the show, Travis turned at the wrong one. It was a brutal hit but with limited damage. TW did not go down, but he crushed his ankle on impact. He also suffered a whiplash effect, which caused him to smash his face on the cross bar pad. Here is the good news. Team FMX just picked up a sponsorship with Leatt. Leatt supplied the team with neck braces for the riders, which Travis was wearing for the first time. He is 100% confident this saved him from more damage on impact. The leatt brace kept his neck from a whiplash injury to his spinal cord on impact. He has never used a neck brace before this, and now he will never ride without one again. Team FMX encourages all riders to consider purchasing one. Go to and get one today. Kyle and Kenny were able to continue the freestyle show. These guys were able to get the biggest crowd Bristol has ever had for a monster truck show on their feet. They both rode extremely well as Travis took over the mic trying to ignore the extreme pain in his ankle. We will update you on the outcome of his ankle as we get it.
Moving on to other Team FMX happenings. Ed Rossi and Chris Holland were in southern IL performing at another Monster Truck event. It was a ramp to dirt set up freestyle show, and the guys were pumped. Both riders rode well and made it through the weekend injury free.
The Ogden, Utah week long rodeo that Vince Morgan and crew were performing at was also a big hit. The guys had to bring out both ramps, and they set them up each night after the last bull was bucked. After the first few days, they had the set up time down to less than 5 minutes. JJ Romans flipped at every show for the wild rodeo crowds. The riders feed back was that they had never heard a rodeo crowd get so loud. We want to thank Vince Morgan and crew for a job well done.
Last but not surely not least, Derek Cook is winding down the three week adventure he is doing in Russia. Team FMX has been working on this event for quite some time and is pleased it is also going very smoothly thanks to DC. After a few dilemmas in the beginning, the original rider, Paul Smith, was unable to go. Fortunately, Derek Cook was able to work it out, and Team FMX could have not asked for anything better. After corresponding with him during the tour, his feed back was great. The shows are very professional, the athletes are treated well, and the crowds are huge. We have posted a few pics from one of the events. You can see more about his trip at
There are quite a few more events coming up, so stay tuned for more news from Team FMX events around the nation and overseas.


Team FMX rolled into the world renowned Mid Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, OH for the second time performing at this facility. This was for the HONDA Super Cycle Week presented by Dunlop! The event was the top dogs of the street bike racing world. The race was filmed and aired the same day on the Speed Channel and is one of the championship point series race. The Team got to set up directly across from pit road on the infield, and it was a prime viewing location for all to see. This was three days of motorcycle madness. The guys were reaching speeds of 180 mph+, and the speed was insane. The Team performed three freestyle shows per day for three days. The riders were Rossi, newest addition Chris Holland aka, Young Buc, and TW.

Young buc took a digger on the 2nd day, but thankfully, he was unharmed and finished up the weekend like a champ. As always, Ed was just feet off TW's back fender upside down in the train sessions, and the crowd was great!

The trip home was a different story. A wheel bearing went out on the rig, which ruined the spindle. With Team FMX being in the bizz for over ten years, this was not the first mechanical break down they have had to deal with. Travis managed to get the axle strapped up and the trailer limped off the road to a local mechanic shop. After consulting with Mr. Rick, Travis got out the generator and grinder to remove the damaged spindle. Then they jumped in the truck and went 45 minutes back north to get the parts to fix it. A few hours after the rig went down it was back up and rolling. It was quite some adventure to say the least, but as always, the Team pulled through.

In other news, Team FMX has two more shows happening that we want to fill you in on. First, Vince Morgan and crew are taking care of the 6 day Ogden, Utah event. This should be a great freestyle show and a good time. Next, we have OK rider, Derek Cook, flying over to Russia for a three week tour starting July 20. You can check out updates on the happening there on Derek¡¦s facebook page. The next stop TW and crew will make be at Bristol Motor Speedway. This freestyle motocross show will be for the Monster Maddness Monster Truck Show. As always, the Team is looking forward to this event. That same weekend the Team has another freestyle show going on in southern IL that Rossi will be taking care of for the Team. Lots of stuff coming up so stay tuned.


Team FMX was honored to be a part of the ISU Organizational Day at Camp Atterbury. This is an event for mobilizing soldier¡¦s that are about to deploy to the war, or who have just returned. It started with a call from SGT Shannon from the Joint Maneuvering Center with the inquiry for Team FMX. He is an avid mx rider himself, and he was pushing Freestyle Motocross for this year¡¦s entertainment. After a few calls, the freestyle motocross show was on. Travis grabbed the rig, swooped up Kyle Lee in the ATL, and met Ed Rossi at the base. This was an opportunity that few civilians ever get. The guys went through the check point and then were escorted to the area where the event was being held. The festivities included a free BBQ lunch, live music, remote controlled airplane exhibition, and Team FMX. The activities were not open to the public but only to soldier¡¦s on base and their families. It was a privilege to entertain the individuals who serve our country and to make the USA the greatest place on earth. Ed, Kyle, and Travis were treated as if they were one of their own and could not have asked for anything better. It was the most gratifying show to date that the Team has performed at, and we are looking forward to many more in the future. There are quite a few people involved that made this experience what is was and Team FMX wants to thank all of them for their great hospitality even to the MP who pulled them over. The shows went off great with all riders performing well. Please check out the links to the video and articles from the event. We will post more pics as we get them. After it was all over, the guys got the chance to go on a tour and check out some night vision lazar goggles, combat military vehicles, and REAL machine guns. After the tour, the guys were brought out front and presented with a plaque showing their appreciation for their performance. This was something that was totally unexpected and never done for the Team before. It was proudly accepted and is now hanging on the wall in the office. On top of that, the guys were each given a challenge coin for a job well done and another coin that was given to them by the Colonel who is the installation Commander. This was so much of an honor that each of the guys will be carrying these with them for life. We would like to dedicate this show to Gunny SGT Floyd EC Holley USMC E.O.D and all the other United States Soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice, so we can enjoy what we have. Remember not to take for granted the freedoms as an American because it does not come free. God Bless you all-

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To view the News Blaze write up click here!  

Here and gone was the 2011 ROT Rally in Austin, TX. If you are a biker, or just a motorcycle enthusiast then you do not want to miss this event. There are 40,000 strong people who attend the rally, and it has the largest bike parade in America. The parade starts from the fairgrounds and ends in downtown Austin with a huge street party. The trip consisted of Chris Holland who was joined by Ed and Travis for the freestyle motocross show, and along for the ride were TW's good friends Matt and George. Ed drove down from WI and met the guys there for the 4 day extravaganza. A big plus this year for the Team was they were supplied with a golf cart, which made the rally that much more fun. The freestyle shows were hampered with winds again this year, but as always Team FMX gets the job done. They were scheduled for 3 freestyle motocross shows each afternoon with the last performance being a finale for the scheduled concerts. The guys performed side stage in front of thousands of people right after the Doobie Brothers and Eddie Money. It came and went pretty quick so, the guys are already getting ready for next year. That's right, the Team has signed on for another year at the ROT, so mark your calendar and start preparing for one awesome time. Wrapping up the weekend, the guys all headed east. In route home, Ed¡¦s alternator went out on the van so they "smart phoned" an Auto Zone and changed out the part in the parking lot. Next stop is St. Cloud, FL. The event was the Champions MudBash. It is not what you are thinking though. This was a foot race across all types of terrain and obstacles with the finish line being a 100 ft stretch of mud that you have to crawl through. I am mot sure of the exact count, but there must have been over 4,000 people show up to the event that was held on a ranch. It was a good time and we are looking forward to doing it again. Yes, Team FMX has signed on for 5 more of these events.


Here we go again! As always it¡¦s a blast. The E.T. Adventures (Ed & Travis) took them up to the Branson Biker Rally in Branson, MO. What an awesome time. This organization is top class to work for. Eli & Paul did a great job with this rally even when the weather was not cooperating. The rain stopped the guys from riding on Friday; however, Saturday was a different story. Check out some awesome pics below courtesy of "Photo by Clint.¡¨ Scott D. and all the street bike riders were quite fun to work with. All the riders put on a great show Saturday with a collaborated finale, which included both street bikes and Freestyle Motocross going at the same time. The picture on the home page does not tell the whole story. Street bike duo Ken and Brandy, out of picture, sparked the fire by coming in on a stoppie with Brandy scraping her head to spark the fire. As the fire flame up Rossi flipped it. After that it was chaos. All the riders started jamming out with street bike burnouts, FMX trains, fire, and loud music. What a great time. We are already looking forward to next year. ps- the breaker poped that the air bag was pluged into. "show must go on!"
Coming up is the ROT Rally in Austin, TX. Come check out this 40,000 plus event and have a blast. Click the link below for more info. Also Team FMX wants to say welcome and thanks to the newest sponsor, Kali Protective's. The guys will be wearing Kali in Austin. Ask them for more info or check out the link on sponsor page.
See you at the ROT>>>>>


So where do we begin? t has been a while since the last update so let¡¦s begin by jumping right into it. It started out with a four week adventure with the Cole Bros Circus. This operation is the worlds largest Circus under the Big Top. It has been around for over 130 years and is quite impressive. Let me just say that it was a once in a lifetime experience. Here is the catch, we were not performing FMX??? We were asked to develop a skit that would last four minutes in length inside the 90ft ring. We were temporarily filling in for their usual motorcycle act that was still in Brazil. As for the entertainers, Ed and Travis, it was not hard to put something together.

Not only did they perform at the circus, they lived the circus life, staying onsite. With all the other performers, traveling together, eating together, and having fun together. During this time they got to know the people and develop good relationships. They were able to pet tigers, hang out with, and feed the elephants, learn to juggle, and ride unicycles. There are many family's that all work together as a team to provide many aspects of the show and great entertainment. It was something that is hard to explain unless you have experienced it yourself. This experience was a lot of fun and they enjoyed performing in front of 25,000 plus people per week. AMaZiNg!!
Circus Photos


Moving forward and back to business, after four weeks with the circus the guys traveled back to FL to grab the ramps and head west. It was time for the PRCA Angelina benefit Rodeo in Lufkin, TX. WoW, another awesome event. This was a four day Rodeo that had a lot of great people supporting a great cause. The guys brought the ramps into the arena after the last bull was done bucking. With a few good men giving a hand it was completely set and ready to be jumped within minutes. This was basically a firecracker format show. Wham, Bam, just got punched in the face, wow what just happened, ¡§show.¡¨ The TX crowd, which totaled over 12,000, were on their feet screaming at every freestyle motocross show. The energy in the building was enormous as the guys went out there and nearly touched the ceiling with every jump. Way to any highlights to mention but when it was all said in done it was one of the best events this year. Big thanks to Mr. Mathis, Stace Smith, JT, and the Boyzzz, Joe and Cassie, and all the other great people they meet while being there.

Next stop East Alabama Motor Speedway. This was a 3/8 mile dirt track just on the other side of the river from Columbus, GA. It was titled ¡§Freestyle Chaos.¡¨ The guys went out in two 20 minutes sections during the races. Here is the kicker. Rewinding to the Wednesday prior to the guys leaving, ED was practicing some whip flips and took a digger that affected his thumb. It was swelling up and turning black and blue. Before leaving, ED went to a doctor in Travis¡¦ hometown and had some x-rays done. The thumb joint was cracked and the doc said to take 6-8 weeks off. With this news it was not looking good. After carefully evaluating the situation and trying to get a replacement flip rider for the show the following day, Ed decided to tape it up and ride anyway. WoW what a soldier. This guys has unlimited drive and is an awesome rider. After practicing upon arrival Ed took it easy. Then show time was here. This was a 3 rider show with the third rider being Chris Holland from Jacksonville, FL. It was his first time jumping the Team FMX rig and this guy dialed it in. Ed the energizer bunny flipped the pain switch to off and went out and took care of business. When the night was all said and done the crowd witnessed over five flips with a few one handed flips and 3 rider train flips in there as well. The crowd was super excited along with the owners of the track. The guys will be going back soon to do it again for EAMS. Big thanks to all who was involved and looking forward to doing it again.

Real quick before Ed and Travis jump on the road for a few weeks, we want to announce that Team FMX has pick up a SKIN Industries sponsorship for 2011. Travis had a deal with them back in 2001 when he started out riding FMX. We will fill you in about that and details once this next adventure is over. Check out the schedule page to see if we will be near you. We will catch up with some new news and pictures once they are back.

You have to love Florida weather. For many years Team FMX has traveled up north in the 1st quarter of the season and many times have we said it would be nice to be in the south at that time of year. Well it was finally a reality. This update will include the trip to Alabama arenacross along with adventures and to Lake City Speedway in Florida. As always the guys are up to something creative. Prior to heading to the arenacross Ed and Travis started working on the newest project. There is a overseas adventure coming up and they are preparing for the trip. Not to sure when we will revel the entire project but maybe a sneak peek for now. Well onto the trip to Tri State arenacross. This was an experience to say the least. It started out with meeting some great people and being able to speak about education, goals, and dreams to the local youth. There was an article in the local paper about some of the points talked about. Here is a link.
The race was part of a series in the area. The track was built by long time friend of TW's, Jason Dodds. Jason and Travis go way back to when they starting out racing at the local track. This event was a new experience for the guys and fun crowd to ride for along with good racing in all classes.
On the way home is when the test happened. The wind tunnel effect that occurs in the bed of the truck when pulling a gooseneck trailer is stronger than you think. Long story short, its strong enough to suck up and blow out a suitcase full of clothes a toiletry bag, and all the money that TW had made from the show. Lol, yes that's all we can do about the situation. Note; This is just a testament to the last statement in the article link above. "success should not be measured in wealth" Sure it was not something that was anticipated or needed but dwelling on it will only bring more unpleasant feelings, so lets all chuckle:)
Onto this past weekends show at the Lake City Speedway in Lake City Fl. The facility is under new management and asked Team FMX to help provide some intermission entertainment for the series opener. Ed and Travis were joined by the newest rider in the crew Rich Royster. Rich has continuously stepped up his game and is riding like a veteran. Look for big things to come from this guy. Rossi as always got the crowd to there feet and was riding with a hurt hand. The show was a huge success for the speedway as they had the biggest attendance in years. After the show Ed headed home after to rest his hand for a few weeks as Travis will was asked to help the LCS bring in some street bike intermission entertainment this coming weekend. Should be a good time. Stay tuned for entertainment provided by Team FMX.
Monster Truck Show!!?? We are sorry for the picture quality but we are having tech difficulty. More pics coming soon!

Wow, it has been a very interesting start to the new year. We are very pleased to have been in the south for the majority of the winter months as it has been a pretty bitter winter for us Floridians.
To start things out with is the premier of the Rickie Fowler moto-golf commercial. This is the final version of the Puma video shoot from our last update. This was a great time and a lot of fun. Travis had the chance to display his bike, in the black out version, for Puma to use at the 2011 PGA Trade Show in Orlando, FL. It was a pretty cool concept as they had the commercial on repeat right above the bike.
Rewinding to the first show of the year in Daytona Beach, FL at the Ocean Center. It was the Monster X-tour with the world famous Big Foot monster truck. This event was scheduled to have a MM rider come and perform, however he was not able to make it. Not to worry as Ed Rossi took care of business. It was a concrete floor show and like always becoming slick after a few oil spills.
On to weekend number two where Rossi took the rig to Ft. Myers, FL and TW headed north to Wichita, KS. Ft. Myers was another Monster X tour event with another MM rider scheduled to join Rossi although he was not able to make it again. Travis went solo to KS where he met up with quad rider Tyler Mease in MO. Tyler provided the ramps for the weekend and also rode in the freestyle show. Tyler had another quad rider Chip Gore join in for the weekend. They both rode great in the limited space and ceiling height the guys had and we are looking forward to linking up again sometime soon. This was the first time Travis met up and rode with this crew of guys. It was a fun experience and a good time as always.
The freestyle motocross show this past weekend was at Horse Hole Creek Mud Bog. This is something that was close to the house and a very easy drive. Due to rising gas prices and not having far to travel is ok with us. The riders were Rich Royster, Ed Rossi and TW. It was a rainy weekend and not much riding was done. We did get a few riding sessions but not what we would have liked.
We are also excited and looking forward to receiving the new graphics from our sponsor Dirt Decals for this years bikes. We have a sample below and we will have pictures of them in action real soon.
The guys are preparing for some overseas ventures in the coming months as well as a Team Yamaha demo for the Jacksonville SX. We will post you with updates and pics as soon as we have them. It has been a busy start to the year and we are trying everything we can to keep updated as quick as possible.
Stay tuned and see you at the next show. More pics to come!
Click here to see Moto-golf  

As we mentioned in the last update Puma is a sponsor of Ricky Fowler, PGA rookie of the year. He has a motocross background and Puma wanted to combine his two favorite pastimes and create motorcycle golf. The spot will highlight not only his talent as a golfer but also his abilities on a dirtbike that set him apart from other players on the tour. And Team FMX was asked to do the motorcycle stunt performance. The day started with Team FMX having to be on set at 6 am and it was a super cold day for being in Naples, FL. After arriving Travis started to get ready as the crew prepared for the first shoot. It was a dusk to dawn operation and was amazing with the amount of work that goes into a production such as this. Below are a few pics we have posted and will post more after the commercial has been released. It was an awesome time aside from freezing, and Ricky Fowler is a really cool guy. It was a really cool concept and we look forward to seeing the final cut.
On to what's happening this weekend. Team FMX has arranged to host a benefit we will be raising money for. It will be at the Wall St Plaza in downtown Orlando Saturday night with the freestyle motocross show starting around 10 pm. If you can make it we would love to see you there. Riding in the show will be Ed Rossi, Scott Murray, Josh Medford and TW. It will be some rockin' east coast amazement. Here is a link to Caden's video, the little boy we are doing this for,
Please come to help support the cause. Big thanks to Ryan & Kevin with The Other Bar. See you there!

Get ready for a quick overload of what has been happening with Team FMX.
First off the Team wants to wish everybody a happy and safe holiday season. We will start off at the last performance; Ed and Travis were at the 19th annual Pumpkin Fest in south Florida. This was the 4th year that the Team has been booked for this event. The festival was stretched out to 3 weekends due to overwhelming attendance. When the final day is done there are more than 60,000 people who walk through the gate. Ed and Travis were told they put on the best performance the Pumpkin Fest has seen yet. As always we look forward to next year, their 20th anniversary!
We have new and exciting news from the Team. Travis will be filming a commercial for PUMA next week. Puma is the sponsor for the PGA rookie golfer of the year, Rickie Fowler, The commercial ties in with Ricky¡¦s background of motocross. We will fill you in as soon as we can.
Next Travis has a meeting with Eric Bass & Johnny Diamond from the band ShineDown, That¡¦s right, the same band that has the top selling album ¡§SOUND OF MADDNESS.¡¨ The meeting will be pertaining to an event that the Band and Team FMX are collaborating on for next year. We will post you with details as we know more. BIG THINGS! Eric & Johnny will also be staying in-town to attend a fundraiser show Travis and Team FMX will be hosting in downtown Orlando. The freestyle motocross event will be on Saturday night, December 18 right in the middle of downtown at Wall Street Plaza. We will be there raising funds for a family friend whose son was injured in a car accident. Check out his video, Please help support us if you are in the area. We will update you with more news for this event soon, more good news on its way.
Team FMX is also super excited to announce that O¡¦NEAL will be backing them for the 2011 season. We will have pictures for you soon; this was just made official today. Check them out at We will check back in with you next week after the commercial shoot. See you then¡K.


Well it was a good week for Ed and Travis as they became the newest members of the PRCA (Professional Cowboy Rodeo Association) This year they showed the cowboys of Louisiana how to ride the iron horse. This Rodeo was put on by Smith Pro Rodeo and was not a small town gig. Smith Pro Rodeo's have been the stock contractor of the year for the PRCA since 2004. This is part of the points championship that leads to the world finals in Las Vegas. There were some of the sports top cowboys on hand that gave some great performances. This was the first time that Freestyle Motocrossw was ever brought into this area and WOW what a response. This was a 3 day event and every night there was a tremendous turn out of spectators. On Saturday there was standing room only in a 4000 seat arena. Right after the last bull bucked the guys pulled the rig onto the arena floor and got set. In less than 10 minutes the fans were hearing the bikes start. The fella's came out onto the arena floor, made a lap to wave at the fans and then the craziness began. It was only schedule for a 10 minute burst at the end of the rodeo so the guys just went out and let loose. Ed and Travis hit the ramp individually at first then built up to a few train sessions. After that Travis pumped the crowd up for a back flip. Ed took off and turned it upside down. The crowd was then on their feet in pure hysteria. Then they both took off to do a few more train sessions with Ed getting upside down behind TW with the fans waving their cowboy hats in the air. It makes is all worth while. This was a great time for Team FMX and and they are looking forward to many more Rodeos to come. Big thanks to the Lions Club and Mr. Mike for making this possible.

Well it always seems to be a never ending story; Team FMX Travis Willis and FMX East Clint Esoposito have mutually decided to dissolve the partnership of Team FMX EAST. This was done in good faith and on good terms. The decision was made in best interest of both companies. Since the joining of the two biggest FMX organizations on the east coast a lot of good things have happened for both teams after a sucessful two year collaboration. Although the decision to part was made Travis and Clint continued to host the Moto-X Challenge and have performed together at several shows. With that being said lets recap on the past 5 freestyle motocross shows.
The first stop was Casey, IL for the Moto-X Challenge.
Here is Clint's write up on that event.
The FMX East Challenge held at Lincoln Trail Motorsports park was also the third round of the AFMXA¡¦s Moto X Challenge series which finishes up at Pala Raceway Nov 13th. The last round is called the Nationals it will be the best of the best from the entire series. In fact the point leader in each class will get their expenses paid to the final round.With expenses and bragging rights up for grabs we have had some riders fallow the entire series. Deake Hinton has been to all three rounds, traveling all the way from Colorado for each. Just remember two events were in TX and one in IL, that's quite a ride from CO. Ed Rossi and Josh Wilson have also been to each round fighting for the Expert points win.
Going into the California rounds the series points look like this.
1st Deake Hinton ¡V 144
2nd Thomas Wilton ¡V 129
3rd (tie) Alton Brown/Davi Johnson ¡V 89
4th (tie) Stefan Diehl/Daniel Lee ¡V 41
1st (tie) Cody Lookingbill/Mark Merrix ¡V 97
2nd Antonio Martinez ¡V 50
3rd Franko Guevera ¡V 47
4th Will Berry ¡V 44
5th JC Chappell ¡V 41
6th JR Hinds ¡V 39
1st Ed Rossi ¡V 144
2nd Josh Wilson ¡V 141
3rd (tie) Robbie King/Greg Shaaf ¡V 47
4th JR Hinds ¡V 41
5th Alex Cerventes ¡V 39
6th Doug Cossey ¡V 37
7th Robert Haslam ¡V 35

Click here for the video from the Labor Day activities at LTMX
The next stop on the journey was the 2nd year Travis and gang had the privilege to perform at the Pioneer Rodeo Days in Palestine, IL. The freestyle motocross show was on Monday instead of Thursday like last year's performance. The day was very windy and was not doing the riders any favors. The rider line up was Ed Rossi, Clint Esposito, Josh Wilison, Chip Bishiop and TW. Chip was pulling a double header as he performed on Saturday in NC at another Team FMX freestyle show and then pinned it straight to IL for the show on Monday. During the beginning of the show Josh Wilson got hit with a gust of wind that took his bike out from underneath him causing him to go down hard. He was ok but was best if he sat out the rest of the show. It was an ugly crash. Big props to him for monster trucking through the day. After the all clear the guys finished up the grand stand performance in the high winds. It was a battle with a direct cross wind but all the riders rode well in the conditions that were given.
After the show the gang split ways as Clint and TW went north to the next stop the following weekend in Saginaw, MI.
This event was the annual Employee Appreciation Day for Nexteer. This also was the 2nd time Team FMX has performed for them. It was a short event with 3 demos throughout the day. Travis and Clint were able to get in two shows before the rain set in and unfortunately canceled all the fun. They loaded up and drove south 6 hours to set up in Hamilton, OH at the Great Miami River Days festival on Sunday. The next morning after getting practice over with they were getting ready for the first show when mother nature decided to give them 22mph consistent wind. All day it never stopped however it did slow down at the end of the event. Esposito geared up and gave it a go. There was not nearly the size of a crowd as there earlier on in the day but Clint gave them a great freestyle show. This concludes the past two week adventure.
Check back soon as we will be in Bristol, TN and at Car Warz in Ocala, FL this coming weekend.
Check out the art of Adam Forman at This was drawn specifically for Team FMX and the logo design was made by Doug Beckel from Eternal Tattoos in Detroit.
Get ready for new things to come!

It was yet another successful weekend for Team FMX. The freestyle show was at the Lanier Speedway in Braselton, GA. Clint and Travis were the riders for the Crash-a-Rama. If you have never experienced one it is Red-Neck Mayhem at its finest. Each event consist of a variety of acts however this one had Skid Car racing, drifting, trailer boat racing, legend cars and Freestyl MX. This is not the first time Travis has performed for this promoter. It's a pretty simple gig for the fella's as they go out right after the national anthem and one other time after intermission. It's similar to a monster truck show format of jaming out for a few minutes each time. As always it's a blast and something interesting is always going on. Check out the web site at
This coming weekend is the Moto-X Challenge / Pinn-it bash in Dodd City, TX. Check out the details at or
There are quite a few things coming up for the Team within the next month. We will give everybody a heads up on the details of the upcoming adventures in the weeks to come. Until then-
Ride for the LOVE!

Bristol and X Games

This past week we had a show at Bristol Motor Speedway on Thursday for the Thompson Metal Monster Truck Madness. Thursday also marked the first day of the 2010 summer X Games. I was unable to go to X because of the show. (gotta make that money)

Bristol was a blast as always, we have been doing all Bristol¡¦s events with freestyle for the past 3 years. The staff there has become our friends, its pretty cool to go to such a well known facility like that and feel right at home. We pulled in Thursday morning and got set up, after we were set up I decided to warm up my bike. After clearing my bike out on pit road I thought i would just blast around the track once. I just cruised the straight a ways and blasted the turns. The turns are so steep I had my bike completely tapped out in 5th in them. When I finished my lap I realized Ed had fallowed me around. This prompted Travis to do some laps, so 10 minutes later my one lap turned into 10. Ed actually wheelied around the whole track, I however just went really fast in the turns. haha The show went well and we had a blast riding. It seemed as though the crowd had fun too, sounds like a job well done to me.

With the show done it was time to catch up on some X Games. This is the first time we have had some true east coast guys in X. Brody Wilson was in freestyle and Rich Kearns was in best trick. I am good friends with both guys and have spent years on tour with them. It was really great to see my homies in the mix. Brody got 13th in freestyle and Rich got 6th in best trick. Both of these guys definitely deserve to be there. Congrats guys and great job!



A Midwest mission
It all started out with TW picking up Rossi at Esposito¡¦s crib in GA. Clint headed over to Alabama to take care of a MT show with Doug Cossey. Travis and Ed continued on with their journey north to St. Charles, MO. ED and Travis arrived at the usual Wal-mart parking lot to grab a few supplies. Then off to the hotel to cool off in the pool. Once the temperature dropped outside and the sun went down they set up for the weekends event. This was the second time Team FMX EAST performed at Big St. Charles Motorsports dealership and like last year it was a treat with great people and an awesome staff. The next morning they were joined by Terry Russell for practice at 10. After everybody was dialed in they ducked into the shade to cool off before show time. They rode 3 freestyle demos throughout the day and all went well. As always we look forward to next year¡¦s event.
Moving on to Carlinville, IL
Ed and TW drove about 1 hour north for the following show on Thursday. They were joined by Esposito, Nick Gore and Terry Russell for the 5 rider grandstand freestyle show at the Macoupin County Fair. This was the first time the Team has performed for this fair. Like all of the shows that the team puts on the town was ecstatic. We were told that some members were a little skeptical however were pleasantly surprised after the performance. The next morning at the local dinner we were told it was the ¡§talk of the town.¡¨ It is unofficial but we were told that it was the largest grandstand attendance to date. We hope we have that kind of appeal and it was certainly an awesome time for all.
This week the guys are off to Bristol Motor Speedway for the Monster Truck Madness. Check out for more info.
Stayed tuned, as things are constantly changing and moving forward with the Team.

Here is a comment from the show.

Hi There!
I attended your show last night in Carlinville, IL and just wanted you to know what a GREAT show it was. My 10 year son and two of his friends attended the show also and thoroughly enjoyed it. I appreciate the fact that you stressed "Not to try this at home" and the fact that grades/school is very important. It was nice family entertainment and if we ever get the chance to see it again I will be there. Good Luck on your future adventures. And for heaven sakes "BE CAREFUL"!!
Dena Leonard


Click here to see video
So this past weekend was an adventure as every one always is. It started out with Esposito and Rossi flying back from Cali after doing some riding and filming. They jumped into Ed¡¦s truck and started the trip north to the Norwalk Festival in Martinsburg, WV. Travis and long time friend, aka (Uncle George), did the same although the were taking Interstate 95 and Clint and Ed were going up I-75. A few hours into the trip Travis got a call to find out Ed's truck took a digger en route. So Uncle George & TW took a detour to pick up the fella¡¦s and as always the guys made the show in plenty of time even with the trouble. After arriving Clint ,Ed and Travis performed a private freestyle motocross demo the day prior to the event for the local boys and girls club. It was a great experience to give the kids something they normally would not get to see. The next day Chip Bishop and Mike Angerman showed up for the 5 rider show during the festival. The show was scheduled for 2pm. It was a beautiful day but super hot in the sun. The crowd on hand was super loud even though they were sitting in direct sunlight. The show got a huge positive response from all the directors and crowd alike. They were already discussing bringing us back for next year. Big thanks to Chad at Tomahawk Motocross Track. We never got to link up however he was the one who got the ball rolling on this event. This weekend is our Moto-X Maddness event in Payson, AZ that will include east and west coast riders performing together. Included in the show will be a step-up contest and a pro-arenacross dash for cash. In addition this coming weekends show in Corbin, KY has been canceled by the promoter at the last minute. We apologize to the fans as this is out of our hands. On a different note we have included a picture of the newest team landing ramp. It's still under construction however it's working well while we put the finishing touches on it. Keep in touch as we will be updating you as quickly as possible on all the Team happenings.

To sum everything up I would say most of you already know. Not enough time in the day to get everything done. We always try to keep you updated the best we can however we need a little bit more help. As you will see in the following updates there will be a small recap on several events that have passed.

Starting on May 15 it was Thunder over Augusta. This was a tribute to the Armed Forces. This was by far one of the best events this year. Clint, Chip and Travis were the riders and the Team was set up in the middle of the street in downtown Augusta for the freestyle motocross show. There were thousands of spectators on hand to celebrate the military and check out Team FMX. Then the fella¡¦s got to check out the promoter's private car collection as well as a few other awesome collectables. The cars in these pics are the real deal, No Fake¡¦s!

Travis Willis is at it again!! This time bringing the high-flying excitement of FMX and the intense racing of Arenacross together. Posting up his new adventure in his home town (Trenton, FL); Travis was expecting to have a good show with a new twist. I'm sure it was more than expected. The twist was having the FMX riders go bar to bar with some of Florida's best arenacross racers who went off and the crowd loved it!! Dan Weeks, Ed Rossi and Clint Esposito all did a great job in supporting the Team on a new adventure. This show is paid for and produced by Travis and is a Team effort to try and build the company. Thanks for all the help guy¡¦s. TW

Moving on to the next event. Check out all the news about the Freestyle MTX Open at 3 Palms Extreme Sports Park @
After the competition in TX, Travis b-lined it straight back to FL to try and finish up the newest team landing ramp #4. This has consumed all of our time and part reason for the slow updates.
After getting the majority of the landing done we loaded up the new rig for its maiden voyage. ROT RALLY Austin,TX. Oh ya, this is the ultimate in bike rally's and highly suggested you attend once in your life. Clint, Rossi and Willis were the riders and the set up was sweet. After arriving the guys had to put a few final touches on the ramp to get it functional and then they were in business. The next day they arrived to the event and had high winds to say the least. After missing every scheduled time (11,2,5) the guys stayed until night fall to try and put on a freestyle motocross show. Thankfully the wind settled and they were able to pull off a few flip trains before dark set in. The next day it was the same situation and so the boys lined up some lights. The winds were still a little sketchy but all the guys rode well, and survived the ROT Rally. Hope to do it again next year. Next stop WV for the Nowalk Festival. Check it out at

The past weekend was a windy one for Team FMX across the country. Clint and Travis were at the 65th annual Pine Tree Festival In Swainsboro, GA. This was a great event that had lots of vendors, rides and a concert with one of the American Idol star¡¦s. The guys arrived on Thursday morning for what was the earliest they have ever performed a show, 9:30am. The show was for a field trip of students from surrounding schools to visit the expo prior to the start of the event. Travis and Clint performed multiple shows for over 4000 school kids from elementary to high school. These kids were so loud and pumped that it was a blast to be riding for them. There was two days of field trips before the big day on Saturday. Unfortunately when Saturday came the winds were too brisk and sketchy to perform. Clint and Travis went out for the first show to see what could be done, if anything. They pretty much knew that nothing could be done so after a few jumps with crazy cross winds the decision was made to pull the plug. The wind did not let up all day and the guys were forced to be grounded. All the people involved were super nice and very helpful and Team FMX EAST wants to say thanks for understanding. Now on to what happened over 1000 miles away.
By: Dan Weeks

SO...Nick Gore and myself were off to Midland, TX this weekend for 5 small demos at the 1st West Texas Motorcycle Show. 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Trying to live it up for FMX EAST! Let's kick it off by saying that the wind was not blowing in our favor. After set-up, we get ready and start the gap out close, going back 7ft at a time. We get back to around 55-60ft. That's when the wind started pushing us around. I'm already riding the show with 3 broken ribs from 2 weeks prior. 1st 2 shows go off without a hitch!! About 3 jumps into the last show the wind changed directions!!!
I landed on the wing of the landing, and stopped to talk with Nick about shutting the show down. That's when the wind blew him COMPLETELY off the landing!! Flat landed on pavment! He was knocked out for a little bit, but the 1st words out of his mouth when he came to were, "That latino chick saw me didn't she?" Kids were crying in the stands, people were freakin' out!! All he had on the brain was the chick!! Man I love FMX!!
I called both shows on Sunday (it was too windy). All in all, we tried to make the best out of a bad situation and it turned out bad for us! Just remember to stay safe guys and always put safety at the front of your list!! For more blogs and info check out

The Caribbean Bike Fest started out last year when Travis sent Mike Angerman and Rich Kearn's down to St. Thomas USVI where everything went very well. This year Travis decides to attend the show that was on their sister island, St. Croix. Upon arriving T-dub meet up with the rest of the gang to catch up and relax while they waited on the boat to arrive with the ramp and bikes. It was not long after that things startwd to take a turn downhill. The guys arrived several days early to wait around for things to clear up with the promoter and facility where the event was going to be held. To make a long story short the guys spent about 6 days in the USVI to do pretty much nothing. The promoter had to pushed the show back to Sunday due to complications. It was a 2 day event but the Team was only scheduled to perform one of the two days. They did what they could with all the elements involved and made it home safely. On to Antigua.............

Team FMX is hittin' up new things and new places in 2010. Travis, Clint and the boys packed up and headed to the beach to show the Island of Antigua what FMX is all about. Antigua, being a small country of 2 Islands in the Caribbean, has never had a FMX Exhibition. Until Travis waved his magic wand and sent a wild crew of American's down to rip it up.
Everything started off great, doing media in the mornings and chilling on the beach in the evening...then we find out that we DON'T have a landing!! Most people would hit the panic button right about now, but Travis and Clint are no strangers to the game of overseas shows. This being my 1st trip out of the country (thanks Travis), I was a little spooked. Everyone pitched in and we built a landing out of wood and scaffolding in about 8-9 hours. When it was all done, you could have jumped a tank to that thing! Now it was show time.
The freestyle motocross show went off better than expected! The rider line up was Travis Willis, Clint Espisito, Ed Rossi, and me, Daniel Weeks. Ed and his Mohawk was stealing the show until Clint come out and threw down some backflips. The crowd went NUTS!!! Wanting to storm the field and take pictures, get autographs, and just touch the riders. It was an experience that I'll take to the grave and it reminded me of what riding FMX was all about...just trying to be awesome!
We'll see next time boys...Down by da BEACH man!!!

Winter was here and now it's gone. It happened so fast we did not even get to fill you in. So let's try to get caught up. The winter tour consisted on many new things for Team FMX. The Monster Nation Tour as always delivered a great winter season with 5 arena's full of people to witness an action pack show that was well worth the money. The new element of step up was explored this year and worked out great. Minus the few shows with wet dirt it was most definitely a crowd pleaser. To learn more about the Monster Nation Tour check them out on facebook. We also had the Wheels of Maddness Tour premier. Now known as Moto-X Maddness it is another venture the company does to expand our shows. Please check out the link to view the show on youtube. Here is a blog insert from Esposito.

Bossier City, LA and Southaven, MS
Jan 8-9, 15-16, 2010
We started 2010 very optimistic here at Team FMX East and with good reason. Simply put we are on a roll! We filled up our winter schedule with "Monster Nation" Monster truck shows and one of our own full Freestyle Motocross events. January 8-9 was the first Monster Nation event in Bossier City, LA. Despite extremely cold tempratures outside and Play Dough like dirt inside the event was awesome. With 6 trucks 5 freestylers and 3 ball of steel riders the show was action packed. Despite the continuously rutting runway the boys and I came to play. The riders were myself (Clint), Chip Bishop, Ed Rossi, Travis Willis and Kenny Steinke. We were scheduled to do step up at this event but the excessively soft dirt made it impossable to keep the step up lip good for more that 2 hits. So instead we did two rounds of freestyle. Fine with me I thought, a little extra ramp time never hurt. We all had fun and put on a good show riding really well despite the conditions.
The next weekend we headed to Southaven, MS with the same list of riders with the exception of Kenny Steinke being replaced with Josh Yost, due to a very sore wrist. Chip, Josh and I got there about an hour ahead of Travis and Ed. We went to the arena to drop off the ramp and Josh's bike for the night. I texted Travis "the dirt is like soup and the landing is an ant hill" I never got a response, they just pulled in about 5 min later with very serious looks on their faces. Until they realized I was messing with them, the dirt was perfect and the landing was considerably bigger than the previous weekend. The next day we had the step up lip build first thing. I was in charge of telling Gordon, the track builder, how to cut the face. I apparently made him cut it too steep, the first two times I tried it I barely made it to the top and had to throw my bike over the top and jump to the soft dirt on the side. All the other guys were looking at me like I was crazy. So I got to work with the shovel carving out a line that would eventually become all the riders line choice for the competition. We then moved on to regular practice where Mr Rossi would do his first indoor flip. After practice there was a lot of trash talk about step up, everyone was giving me a hard time about Chip smoking all of us height wise in practice. I fed into it talking a little smack of my own, telling Chip stuff like "I'm just going to finess my way over it" and "after tonight we will have to put step up champion on my bio." Come show time it was on a little battle of pride, I like to show the young guys I can hold my own. In the end it came down to Chip and I. The deciding factor came down soley to experience, I had done step up before and knew with the bar (which was not set up in practice) you have to go straight up to clear it. Chip was going a good 8 feet higher tan me but was letting his momentum carry him forward. Of course I didn't tell him that. HAHAHA, so I edged him out. The second night Ed and I tied for first, I'm sticking with my story that the bottom of the face got messed up or I would have won that one too. LOL with no ruts the freestyle portion was awesome both nights.
We have two more Monster Nation events this winter. Go to schedule page for more info.
See you there, Clint

We will be back soon with more pics and story's from the Carabein Islands.

Here is the last update for 2009 people. We will fill you in on the end of the year happing¡¦s and get you in tune with 2010. We will start at the CHALLENGE stop at LTMX. This is the second time Clint and Travis visited the complex. The fist was when they were filming the segment for the History channel. This year was a li¡¦l different as the guys brought in the Challenge and then performed a pro demo at the end. This was the 2nd stop that did not get shut down due to weather. Close but we pulled it off. Check out for more details. From there the guys spilt up as Clint and Chip headed south to the Pumpkin Fest in FL and Kenny and Travis shot over to the NC State Fair for a 7 day run. Down in FL the guys put on a great show for the annual event. It¡¦s hard to believe how many people attend this event each year. Something like over 10,000.
Meanwhile Kenny and Travis linked up with KING BMX for the collaborated show for the thousand of people that attend the NC State Fair. This is the third largest fair in the country. Just to give you an idea, on Saturday alone there are over 100,000 attendees. It¡¦s insane. Unfortunately on day 3 Kenny took a digger that sat him out for the rest of the week. However Ed Rossi came down to fill in and as always never let the team down. After that they all 3 headed south to link up in Orlando for a ridding sesh. Clint linked up wit Kenny and ED to do some jamming in O-town before he headed back home. The guys had the next few weeks off and spent some time relaxing. Up next was Clint jumping on a plane and flying to Colombia while Kenny and Travis performed at a demo in St. Petersburg FL. This was a hectic week but everybody is ok. I will just give you short sentences to explain.
Clint flipped a clapped out Suzuki in a non English speaking country.
Cody Cavanah had to get stitches prior to show from flip eject at jam session in O-town.
Kenny crashed at show ripping a hole in his hand.
Cody¡¦s truck got stolen from hotel with his and Rossi¡¦s bike in it.
Recovered truck but no bikes.
Moving on to the final round of the CHALLENGE. This last stop was added to try and complete the 2009 series. We had 5 stops but were only able to complete two of them due to weather. The location was at Lake City MX. However the rain was moving in and we did not want to finish off the year like that. So we move it to a private riding spot near Travis house that the rain would only help. Check out the talk about it online at We have a 2010 schedule for the FMX EAST Challenge and hope to see it grow with each new year.
Next year is a few days away and we have many things going on. We will fill you in after the 1st. Until then, merry X-Mas and Happy New Year from Team FMX.


Here we are back again trying to get you updated on the past shows. It has been crazy as summer ends with fall bearing down on us. So we will start with Big St. Charles Motorsports in St. Charles, MO. This event was in the back yard of our good friend Terry Russell. So we brought him in to ride with Kenny and Travis for the event. He brought down his new rig for the maiden voyage to see how everything would work. The set up was super sweet along with his new freight liner. The guys had a great time riding together again.
On to the next stop in Palestine, IL, this freestyle motocross show was a 5 rider show that was one of the best shows of the year. The riders included Kenny Steinke, Mike Angerman, Daniel Weeks, and Andy Datwson. Andy was a last minute fill in rider and pretty green to it all, however he was able to take on the challenge.
The following weekend the Team had two separate shows. The first one was at Atlanta Motor Speedway for The Motor Sport Nationals. The riders were Doug Cossey, Chip Bishop, and Mr. Esposito. Upon arriving and having to dodge the weather they were able to get a few shows in with some flip action for the fans before the rain hampered the rest of the event. Over in Champaign, IL Kenny and Travis were performing at a music fest with classic rock band Molly Hatchet. This is about the 5th time the guys performed at the same event as the band. This was in the parking lot of a pub called ¡§It¡¦ll Do¡¨ just off the Interstate. Good times and a few new tattoos along the way compliments of Sudden Impact tattoos Matt Estock and their intern Polly.
Next stop was the Challenge in Dodd City, TX. It was the 2nd annual Pinn-It Bash. This was the third stop in the series and the fist one that was not rained out. Check out the details. From there Clint stayed behind helping Daniel with clean up as Kenny and Travis took off for a 19 hour drive. First they had to stop by Nelson (Nelson FEST) house in Nashville to grab the rig from when they dropped it off a weeks earlier coming back from IL. After that 10 hour drive it was another 9 hours to the Virginia State fair. This was a three day event in the middle of the week. Kenny and Travis were the riders putting on 3 freestyle motocross shows each day. They battled the wind a little bit but never the less put on a great performance and are looking forward to going back next year. That following weekend Esposito & crew were going to be doing HIN in Knoxville, TN but unfortunately it was cancelled. No worries Team FMX EAST will be performing at the next Hot Import Nights in Jacksonville, FL on the 30th. See you there.
We will be adding more pics!

Wow, what a summer. Well gang we know it¡¦s been a while but we are going to recap everything that has been going on this summer with Team FMX. We will start with Kenny, Clint, and Travis heading to South America. This was a trip to Peru that was quite an adventure and an experience like no other. Too much happened on this trip to go into detail so ask one of us at the next event.
Meanwhile Chip Bishop headed up to Ohio for the Mansfield Bike Rally and met up with Daniel from Pinn-It. This was a ramp to ramp freestyle motocross show that added a new twist as Pinn-it brought in a quad rider to change up the pace. This was a successful show and good time for the riders.
The following week there was a show in Iowa that popped up on Wednesday. Travis shot an email over to Paris Rosen to get the show covered before he left for X. Riders Justin Hoyer and Vince Morgan gave the Iowa crowd a show to remember.
Moving onto WV where Clint and Kenny met up with Daniel from Pinn-it at the Extreme Dirt Series MX races. After getting things in place the guys were plagued with rain. They went out and gave it a shot Saturday night but were hampered due to the moisture. The next day the guys went out for a second round after the ground dried up enough to do the best job possible under the wet conditions.
Also that same weekend Team FMX East had riders over at Bristol Motor Speedway for their Monster Truck Madness. Riders Garry Robertson, Chip Bishop, and Brian Prindle had one opportunity to get out and throw down some tricks before Mother Nature shut them down with a down pour of her own. Not to worry, the 9000+ fans got a great freestyle show before the rain came down.
Ok so only one more show going on this weekend and it was on the island of St. Thomas in the USVI. The riders Team FMX sent down there were Rich Kearns and Mike Angerman. Both guys went down there to show the island how to back flip a dirt bike. These guys threw out many flips and flip variations for their Caribbean Bike fest. They got to spend 5 days in the US Virgin Islands getting paid to ride their dirt bikes. I am sure they were tuffin¡¦ it out.
Ok, onto the middle of nowhere. It was the Gathering of Juggalos. All we can say is, WOW! What a huge event and the guys were blow away. The event was put on by Psychopathic Records which is an annual event that was truly amazing. The event was at a campground 40 minutes from the hotel in the middle of a forest and quite a mission to find. None the less upon arrival there were masses of people on Wednesday night. There was somewhere around 16,000 people with a variety of entertainment. Bands like ICP, Kottonmounth Kings, Ice Cube, Twisted, and way too many bad a$$ acts to list. Check out to learn more about the family. Whoop Whoop!
So that is just a touch on all the recent shows. We are trying to get more pictures and video links to show all the events. Stay tuned.
There will be a crew in St Charles, MO this coming Saturday and Sunday. Check it out!!


We once again roll into Bristol Tn. Clint and Travis are always glad to see the fella's at Bristol Motor Speedway. Brandon, Jack and the whole gang are always a pleasure to see and visit. This show was a mixture of motor sports mayhem. Jet Cars, Kid Drag Racing, Cool Bus, of course Team FMX along with lot's more. This time around the guys did not have to fight of the wet pavement and barely pulling the show off. The weather was good and the guys rode great. Check out video link below to get an idea of the event. Team Riders will be heading back over there on July 25 for the Monster Truck show down. Be there.

Next up was Lake City Motor sports park. This is a brand new facility in North FL near Travis's house. Come to find out the guy who runs the facility is a long time friend and racing buddy of Mr.T's. They did a lot of traveling and racing together but have lost touch since the old race days. They recently crossed paths and set up a demo. It was something that Clint and Travis did to add a little entertainment to the days event. It was the opening on the new Mud Bog section of this 200 plus acre facility. ( Scott Hardstock owner of Gun Slinger was on hand to help the cause and sign autographs also. Scott is a good friend of the Teams and decided to park his truck in between the ramps while they were jumping. It made for some great photo's for the up coming issue of Mud Life Magazine. Newest Team prospect rider Rich Royster came out to get some ramp time in as well. This is a young kid that live near Travis and is improving steadily every day. You will see him in a show real soon. BIG Things right around the corner for the team. Stay Tuned!!.

Bull Fights and Dirt Bikes June 26 27

So the second installment of the Bull Fights and Dirt Bikes tour went down in Marshville, NC June 26th and 27th- about 6 hours away from my house (pretty close to the same distence as the last one I just happened to notice). Chip and I headed out early Thursday afternoon, expecting to get there Thursday night to set up. Didn't happen- first I noticed both of my tires on the right rear were in bad shape. The inside tire was starting to shred apart, the outside one had a buldge most of the way around. While running out of time to get to a tire place that would actually help me, GA DOT decided they wanted to have a closer look at my landing ramp. I don't need to tell anyone that has been stopped in a big vehicle that DOT stops aren't usually a quick thing. After an hour and a half I was released with a laundry list of things I needed to do. The time was now 8:10pm, unfortunatly, WalMart tires ten miles away closed at 8:00. After another hour on the phone I realized it would be cheaper for me to just get a room and have the new tires put on in the morning. This put us way off schedule- we rolled into the venue at 2:00pm Friday 5 hours away from the gates opening. So we set up immediately and got right into practice. What made this so tough was that it was an outside venue and in the 90's that day. After practice we set up the merch booth and it was time for gates to open.

Despite being exhausted, the show went well especially since it was too windy to flip in practice and I had to wait till the show when it was dark. I might be making stuff up but I feel like it's hard to flip in the dark because your timing is usually a little off.

Saturday's show went even better after a good nights sleep and a day not spent in the sun, Well at least for the freestyle riders. Friday Cody the Bull Fight coordinator kept telling us that Sat nights bulls were even meaner. I didn't believe him- I figured an angry bull is an angry bull. Not so, there was definately a difference. I say it all the time "I'm glad I'm riding a motorcycle that doesn't have a mind of it's own". Sat was a very good depiction of that as most of the bullfighters were caught at some point. By a bull, angry bull I might add.

We will have a video of the event up soon so stay tuned.



Click here for video of event  

So it has been a crazy month at Team FMX. Let¡¦s get started with the Biker for Badges benefit in St. Petersburg, FL. This event was to raise money to help the families of injured and killed officers in the Bay area. Team FMX showed up to perform and met with well-known radio DJ, Bubba the Love Sponge, in the parking lot at Derby Lane. Clint, Kenny and Travis got the ramps set and practice done before the winds picked up. Clint & Kenny still went above & beyond by tossing out some huge tricks in a gusty cross wind. It was a great opportunity for a good cause. Look for the fella¡¦s to be performing more for the Bubba Army in the future.
Now it¡¦s time to get ready for the first and only of its kind ¡¡±Bull Fights & Dirt Bikes¡¨. Produced by Cody Brown (UBF) and Travis Willis (Team FMX) this is the next big tour that will be hitting the nation. The combination of these extreme sports is one of the most exciting events Team FMX and UBF have ever done. Freestyle Bull fighting in the middle of the arena floor and FMX riders back flipping over the bullfighting cage, what a show to see! Check out the video Mr.T quickly put together. This is all armature camera work and editing so please be kindƒº. Clint, Kenny and Chip were the riders as Travis ran the floor and announced. Cody had the bull fighters lined up and the show was amazing for the budget they had to work with. This event was paid for and produced by Team FMX and UBF. Check out to learn more about them.
Following the show Team FMX received an email from FUEL TV asking if Team FMX would be interested in filming for Built to Shred. The location was at the country¡¦s oldest running skate park in Jacksonville, FL, This was something that has been a dream of many riders I am sure. The park was kind enough to let Clint, Chip and Travis do as they pleased. Once the guys got to the park, , scoping out the place and getting a little wet the wait was on. The rain in FL being constant for the past 5 days the minute¡¦s seemed like hours, finally Clint said ¡¡±let¡¦s just get wet¡¨. So the guys geared up and took a spin around the very slippery park. Doing what they could, a flat tire and submerging Chip¡¦s bike in a pool of water the rain still fell. This gave the guy¡¦s time to fix the flat, empty out Chip¡¦s bike and then the sun finally came out. The course was still wet but drying fast. Once all the hard work was complete the fun began. The guys were coming up with idea¡¦s the park never thought was possible. Ironically ¡¡±building some stuff to shred¡¨ the guys racked up some good footage for the 7th of 7 episodes starting this season. We will keep you posted. Lots of stuff to get done before this weekend¡¦s show at Bristol Motor Speedway, see you soon.
Bull Fights & Dirt Bikes Video  

Hot Import Nights (Tampa Florida)

Team FMX got the call from to cover HIN in Tampa FL. It was a pretty standard routine once Chuck called Travis and gave him the details. Clint Esposito, Kenny Steinke, and Travis Willis made the journey to the Bay area in south Florida. Upon arriving at the event on Friday night the weather looked great. After getting up on Saturday morning the boys found the winds were whipping around before noon. The fella¡¦s got there in time to get practice done with before the winds picked up even more. After grabbing something to eat, filming a segment for MTV& Speed then getting ready for the show there was no sign of the winds slowing down. Clint checked the Doppler to find that the winds will be increasing throughout the night. So the guys jumped on the bikes to try and get something out for the crowd. After a few jumps the call was made to shut down shop. Kenny and Clint were able to through out a few big tricks but nothing like the guys wanted to do. The guys then got to hang out, check out some nice rides, hot chcks and watch some drifting before returning home and start getting ready for the FMX East Challenge. See you there!

St Martin

When my partner Travis called me and said I might be going to St Martin I replied with my usual "where is that?" He told me it¡¦s an island in the Caribbean, I thought "alright now you have my attention" When and for what, Travis then tells me I would be going down there on a reconnaissance mission of sorts. I was just going down to meet with the event promoter Shawn and helping with ideas and logistics for the event. I asked Travis if he was sure I didn¡¦t need any gear, "nope just your beach gear" Awesome I thought.

Not having talked to or dealt with Shawn at all, I couldn¡¦t help but be a little apprehensive. I figured it was just another promoter of another show. However when I got there and started talking to him I realized he was just like Travis and I. He has a genuine love for the sport and is doing everything out of pocket because of that very reason. I found out Shawn owns a bike shop (Sport Moto) and opened a small track to give lessons and help motocross grow on the islands.

See in the Caribbean there is almost no motocross scene, with only a couple tracks and even fewer races Shawn saw a way to impact his community positively. His idea makes total since, give the kids an outlet. Something that they can focus on and feel accomplished about. Not to mention something physical to do instead of sitting on the computer or staring at the TV, or worse selling drugs and getting into trouble. His track is very basic, but didn't all tracks start out as fields? All I can say about the event right now is that its called "Master of the Track" and will have motocross races, sopermoto races and of course freestyle motocross. The races are open to armatures and we will be building a ramp there and schooling some of the locals on ramp riding fundamentals. Our goal is to one day bring the best amateurs from our FMX East Challenge series down to ride against the Caribbean amateur freestylers. Right now this seems a little far off but just like all tracks were once fields all great events were once ideas.

I am very excited to be involved with this project and to be a part of helping freestyle/motocross thrive in another part of the world.

Clint Esposito


March 6 & 7, 11 and 14 &15
Ocala, Gencor and Stunt Wars demo

Friday and Saturday Craig Roberts, Chip Bishop and TW performed at a Monster Truck show in Ocala. The show was only 45 minutes away from TW¡¦s house so it was a little strange going to bed and waking up in your own bed the same day of the show however it was nice. The floor had plenty of length but only had a ceiling height of maybe 28 ft. It was extremely low but the guys have run into this situation before and were able to still get some big tricks off for the crowd on hand. Everybody was ducking rafters and then throwing out tricks. To say the least it was pretty close. Once again the Freestyle Motocross Show was a success and we only had a few days of rest before doing it again. Thanks you lord for this blessing.

So we had another eventful week here at Team FMX. Wednesday Travis Willis, Chip Bishop, Kenny Steinke, Craig Roberts and I did an Employee/Customer Appreciation Freestyle Motocross demo with Street Bikes for Gencor. They make machinery to manufacture asphalt; we rode out of an asphalt grinder tube for intros and found out later that the piece of machinery was worth around a million dollars. Pretty cool if ya ask me, the show went well. We brought in The Buell factory stunt team featuring Todd Colbert, Tina Colbert and Chris Nichols the mix of street and dirt bikes worked well. It was in FL so you know it was at least a little windy, luckily it was more of a tail wind. We practiced during the day and then did the show at night under the lights which always takes a little mental adjustment. Everyone rode well and had fun, mission complete time to head to Daytona for the weekend.

In Daytona we rode at Destination Daytona (the world¡¦s largest Harley Davidson dealership) for a first year event called Extreme Spring Break. You guys should know by now I LOVE anything extreme, so I felt right at home. At this show it was set up opposite of Wednesdays show, Team FMX East was riding as a part of the Stunt Wars demo team. This time the dirt riders were Travis Willis, Kenny Steinke and I. The street bike riders were Todd Colbert, Tina Colbert, Chris Nichols, Adam Chumita, Jesse and Bill Dixon aka Bill D. There were also some drift cars. The shows were on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, the weather was beautiful except for the damn wind again. It seems like wind is just something you have to learn to deal with. Whether it be adjusting the ramps or not riding, the wind is always a very real and difficult thing to deal with or count on. I enjoyed watching the drift cars blaze by my takeoff ramp with inches to spare (I don¡¦t know about enjoyed but it did give me an adrenaline rush, whether it was a good or bad one, haha). I also liked watching Bill D and Jesse roll 100 to 200 foot stoppies and then set the bike down wherever they wanted. On Saturday night we got to see Hoobastank in concert at the venue, I had a really good time people watching. Drunk people do funny stuff... All in all a good work week for me, now I can pay Uncle Sam what I owe in taxes.

The pictures below are of Scott Murray and Ed Rossi performing at a Team FMX show in Grand Island. Did you know Scott Murray landed another Double Backflip in Austria last month? Check out
We will be posting pictures of the events above as soon as they get here.

Tulsa and Beaumont

So I had a little road trip for the last week and a half. First Chip and I headed up to Tulsa OK to ride at a car show for Daryl Starbird. When we got there we met up with the other riders Travis Willis, Kenny Steinke and Chuck Carothers. It was a good weekend 3 days with 2 shows a day gave all of us plenty of time to chill and exchange some stories. We brought Chuck in to flip since they asked for a big named riders, which didn¡¦t hurt my feelings since it was metal to metal on concrete. Everyone threw down, Chuck even did no handed flips first flip after not riding since the day before. I was impressed. Once we were done there it was off to camp Chuck to get some practice in and let Kenny and Chip do some foam pitting.

Both Kenny and Chip made some progress in making their dreams of flipping come true. Chip's progress was slowed however when he got some kind of 24 hour flu or something. I don¡¦t actually know but I am guessing he had a pretty bad fever. I walked into the house with little more than shorts on and chip is dressed in his gear under a sleeping bag asking me if it¡¦s cold... "Ummm no Chip its like 80", was my response. Next it was off to Beaumont for Chip, Celso Aslan (from Brazil), Chuck and I. We rode a Monster Nation monster truck show in the ford park arena. We had a nice dirt landing and everyone had fun, I also learned what it was to ride at the next level of flipping and doing flip tricks at shows that weekend. Chuck and I were both flipping so I watched how he rode and did all his flip tricks the first night. I was way off my game that night and could clearly see what I had to do the next two nights. So Saturday night I threw all my tricks, and then proceeded to flip and do my flip tricks. (Despite how small they may still be) Its weird I think I knew what I had to do but this weekend really opened my eyes, Thanks Chuck.


Belton, TX

Onto the Indoor Mud Bogg Nationals. This was a CFP event that was a mix of lawn mower racing, ugly truck contest, several classes of mud truck racers and Freestyle Motocross. Travis and Kenny had a Saturday night show only and were only a few hours from the arena. They were able to head up from Camp Chucks to the Beaumont show on Friday night with the four riders who name began with a C. Clint, Chip, Celso, and Chuck. After a great night of getting to be a spectator and see the fella¡¦s blow the roof off the place it was time to get a good night¡¦s sleep and head out. Upon arriving in Belton TX, everything was great. Good dirt and dry ground. Practice went good and everything was great. However once the show started the mud began to fly. The area where the ramp¡¦s were to be place was now a mud pit as well. Never the less the guys were able to clean it up enough to give the 4000 spectators on hand a great show. Minus a few difficulties the guys made it through safe. They packed up and headed out the next morning to catch up with Clint for the last bit of the Sunday show in Beaumont.

Team FMX East is on the rise in a fast and furious manner, so keep up!!


Well, it is nothing unusual fans, things are constantly picking up steam and we have been neglecting the site. However we have a lot of BIG changes about to happen with the site so please bear with us as we get through this process and back on track.
Now we will recap the past shows Team FMX and our affiliated riders have been up to since this year¡¦s first update from Charlotte. The weekend after Charlotte, Travis jumped on a plane to fly up to Chi town to announce an Arenacross. That same weekend Garry Robertson drove down from PA with his ramps and performed at the Monster Jam in Montgomery, AL.
Moving on to the following weekend, Travis and Kenny S. drove to Wichita, KS and met up with Terry Russell and Paris Rosen. This was the 52nd Annual Darryl Starbird Rod and Custom Car Show. The fellas were faced with low ceiling heights and were surrounded by million¡¦s of dollars worth of cars. On top of that there were two cars valued somewhere around $500,000 each that the guys were jumping directly over. This was quite nerve racking for Mr. T and the car owners. That same weekend Clint was in Bossier City, LA for a MT show. Joining Esposito was X-Games Gold medalist Chuck Carothers. Also riding was team rider, Chip Bishop, and a rider from Brazil. Look for Clint¡¦s blog on the event on the new site. Also, all the way up in Grand Island, NE were Scott Murray, Moto-X World Championship Gold Medalist, and Ed Rossi. They took care of that Team¡¦s show. The fella¡¦s were faced with some snags along the way but as always they pulled through. Murray flipped the crowd into frenzy while Rossi had the jaws hitting the floor. Up in Michigan Team Rider, Garry Robertson, was performing at a Monster Jam in Detroit.
The next weekend Travis and Kenny headed to Cape Girardeau, MO for a MT show. Wet dirt and a rutted runway made it quite a challenge. But as always the riders adapted and were the best part of the show. Clint drove south to Miami, FL for the Low Rider Magazine Car show. Meanwhile Garry Robertson was once again performing at the Monster Jam in Indianapolis, IN .
The next weekend was just down the road from Travis¡¦s house, in Jacksonville, FL. The Freestyle Motocross Show was at the Beach BLVD Motorsports Grand Opening. On Clint¡¦s way home from Miami he stashed the landing ramp in Jacksonville so he could relax for the week before meeting up with Mr.T and Kenny S. It was an easy day with good people and a great show. They were not there for long before heading home to take a weekend off. The same weekend Garry Robertson was taking over the Monster Jam by performing again in East Rutherford, NJ.
Now we are into February and Travis has decided to take the weekend off and have Scott Murray and Ed Rossi hold down the fort up in the white tundra. It was once again the infamous Green Bay, WI Show. Check out Murray¡¦s blog at And you guessed it G-Rob was blowing up the Monster Jam circuit by performing at the Knoxville, TN show and the following weekend in Worchester, MA.
So it was a little hard to go into detail with so much to catch up on, but we promise that you are going to love the new changes coming soon. One last thing, please pray for the family of fallen rider Jeremy Lusk who passed away doing what he loved, Rest in Peace! For more info and ways to help his family please go to
God¡¦s Speed


Click here to see a short video  

With the holiday season finally out of the way it is time to get back to the grind!
My first show of the year was the 2nd and 3rd of Jan 2009. Not only did driving on New Years Day put a damper on my New Years celebration, I was also stressing myself out about some other firsts. 1- it was the first show of the year and you always want to start the New Year off well. 2 - I hadn¡¦t used my landing ramp for a little bit, and in my opinion letting vehicles sit is one of the worst things for them. 3- I had never flipped to my truck; I'm not really sure why that was bothering me but it was. 4 -The show was in an arena and I had also never flipped indoors. Now that doesn¡¦t seem like a big deal but many arenas aren¡¦t big enough to get the ramps back to the gap I normally flip.
My partner in crime for this show was Travis Willis aka Mr. T. Travis got to my house at about 6 pm we loaded up and headed out. Charlotte is about 4 1/2 hours from my house, and with a landing truck it takes a little longer. As we got close, I started to hear a funny noise. Actually it wasn¡¦t very funny at all. It was actually loud and annoying.
When we got to the hotel I popped the hood and it took me all of 10 seconds to see what was wrong. There was a pulley smoking and shooting out sparks; my AC compressor had decided it was over it. Mind you it was cold and putting on the AC wasn¡¦t ever an option on this trip.
After some sleep it was time to locate some parts to rectify the situation. After calling 5 auto parts stores and about 30 min on the phone with the store I finally bought the compressor. It had to be ordered. Scheduled time for the part¡¦s arrival was 1:30. It didn¡¦t make it, so we drove the truck to the arena. Smoking pulley and all.
We set up and had an abbreviated practice getting the ramp back to 58 ft, which is way shorter than I had ever flipped. In my normal fashion, I didn¡¦t flip in practice and decided to just throw it down in the show. I see it this way, I've got this but if I mess up the crowd might as well get a show. Ha-ha.
We went out first thing, did some regular tricks and that¡¦s when Travis pulled over. FYI this is my sign that its time to roll over (flip) like a good dog. I lined up the ramp like I would flip and knew right away I had it. After 2 more straight jumps I rounded the corner confident and gave a little tug at the top of the ramp. I over rotated a hair but pulled it. It was like a giant weight was lifted.
The next day I woke up with the beginnings of a cold. With me feeling crappy we addressed the AC compressor issue with no AC tools; I'll just say it¡¦s messy. We got it taken care of and then rode the show that night; I flipped perfectly the first time. So of course I wanted to do a flip trick for myself, the second flip was perfect too but I hesitated on the nac. That¡¦s when I decided I had it next time; well I got a little excited and over pulled. I was a little disappointed in myself but everyone was happy with the show and we were safe.
Anyone that has ever done shows or raced knows your journey isn¡¦t over till you¡¦re back home. Travis and I pulled the truck out of the arena and loaded everything up. That¡¦s when I noticed antifreeze was leaking pretty quickly from the truck. ¡¡±What now?¡¨ I thought. Luckily the driver of Hot Tamale was there and happened to be a diesel mechanic. He recognized the problem as a fairly easy $50 fix. Tired and sick I decided to just get to sleep and see what happened in the morning. Travis and I started driving and checking the antifreeze periodically, it was leaking too quickly. So we went to the auto parts store again about an hour into the trip home. I bought the parts needed to fix it, however being tired and sick I decided to try a temporary fix. (Tip: if you have a leaky radiator and have no way to address the problem on the road put some pepper in your antifreeze reservoir. The pepper held up for the whole ride back!)
Now I just need to get rid of this cold so I can go and fix it properly before the truck¡¦s next show in Miami Jan 25. Seems like work is never done.
Clint Esposito


Back Flip Video, click here!  

Chile Show

I know it has been a little bit since my last blog and even a little while since the very show I am writing about. However I'm doing it anyway. Team FMX East rider Javier "Astroboy" Villegas has been telling me about Chile since he spoke enough english to do so. The plan has been to get me a show over there so I could see his native country. Finally the opportunity came up and I jumped at the chance. Javier always jokes with me that we americans think they live in trees and have monkeys as pets in Chile. So I was very excited to have Javier pick me up on his bicycle taxi with his monkey on a leash or something. Unfortunitly none of that is true. Javier picked me up in a four door pickup...... Lame!! And I didnt even see one monkey..

After my initial shock wore off we went to check out the set up. Of course when we got there the landing was about 9ft tall and 40ft long. For some reason thats what most course builders think is an appropriate landing for freestyle. I understand very very little spanish so I just stood there until Javier asked me what I thought. After the landing issue was resolved we rode some practice, the landing was pretty smooth. If you landed three quarters of the way down the landing. Other wise you landed hard enough to bounce and then G out into the bottom of the landing. However we had a good crew of riders and had fun riding anyway. The riders there were Javier "Astroboy" Villegas, Marco "Chino" Gonzalez, Renzo Pierattini and your truly Clint Esposito. I had met Chino before and actually brought him some FMX East graphics to the show but I had never met Renzo. They are both friends of Javiers from Chile and really cool guys I might ad. As the weekend went on both Javier and I got more and more comfortable. Each for different reasons, this was the first time I had ever ridden Chino's ramp and this was only the second time Javier had ridden since breaking his scapula. You couldnt tell though as he was doing just about all his tricks right off the bat.

So other than the innitial set back of realizing that there arn't even monkeys in Chile I had a really good tome. I actually ended up staying in Chile an extra two days because Javier and I were having way to much fun laughing at pretty much everything. So our next plan it to get me down there with a camera man next time to do some filming. I will let you know if that happens.

Clint Esposito


The next show on the schedule was right down the street from Travis¡¦s house. It was the Monster X Games at the Gainesville¡¦s Raceway. It was a Monster Truck Show that turned out somewhere around 4,000 people. The rider line up at this freestyle motocross show was Kenny Steinky, Clint Esposito, and Travis Willis. Clint was scheduled to flip at this show but unfortunately there was a strong cross wind that kept pushing the riders to the edge of the ramp every time they jumped. They had to go out twice during the Monster Truck Show and do the best job they could with the wind. It was too windy for Clint to get upside down and the call was made to pull out of the flip and keep everybody safe. It was the best choice considering the condition. All in all the show went pretty good other than the wind and everybody made it through safe.
The next stop for Travis was at the third largest fair in the United States, The North Carolina State Fair. This fair is huge and we had no idea as to how big it actually was. Travis and Craig joined the King BMX Stunt Team for a collaborated show of BMX and FMX. Keith has been performing at the fair for the last ten years and was excited to get a new twist added to his show, Freestyle Moto X. The schedule was a 6 day run with several shows throughout each day. King had a great street course set up and some top BMX riders in attendance. Dew Tour competitor and BMX legend Mike Laird was on had turning out 720¡¦s like frisbees. There were several street course riders as well as the top flatland BMX riders in the world. Also showing up was the biggest name in BMX Dave Mirra. He came out to support the show and hang out with good friends. Dave is a really cool guy with lots of love for his sport. The week almost ended without a hitch until a warm up run near the end of the week. Unfortunately, there was a small accident which resulted in Craig suffering a broken lower leg. He had to have surgery and a rod beat down into his bone. He will be out for the rest of the year but will be back in action in 8 weeks our prayers go out to him for a full and speedy recovery. One last thing, check out the new Racer X January 2009 issue and see Team FMX East¡¦s newest sponsor ad, Motion Pro, Professional Grade Quality Tools & Controls featuring Team logo and rider Garry Robertson.

1st Issue 2009

Motion Pro ad featuringTeam FMX East

King BMX Show

Working on the train

Setting up for the Monster X Games Tour

Peru - October '08

What's up everyone, its Clint with my first blog for the site.

Since I have started to flip, Javier Villegas (team rider and South American connection) has been hooking me up with a bunch of South American shows. In the past year I have been to Columbia 4 times, Honduras once and this past weekend (Oct 25th 2008) I got to go to Peru. This was not only the weekend of my 29th birthday but the first time I would get to ride a show with Chuck Carothers. I know Chuck or "Shuck" (his Peruvian name) from him being gracious enough to have let me fine tune the flip in his foam pit. I seriously appreciate it Shuck, because now I get to fly around with a gun case full of suspension and ride weird bikes. This is AWESOME!

Anyway, this event was for Burn, a Coca Cola produced energy drink in, well, Peru. The riders were Julian Dusseau, Chris Taylor, Pollo Restrepo from Columbia, Marco "Chino" Gonzalez from Chile, Rudy Waller, Shuck and me, Clean (MY Peruvian name.) I knew everyone pretty well except for Julian, who was really cool, so we had an awesome group of riders. Julian, Taylor and I flew in Thursday night, we were all tired so it was a short night. The next morning all the riders met at the hotel restaurant for breakfast. It was good to see the guys I haven't seen in a while. (In this sport you will see someone for a week straight then not for a year.) We then headed to the stadium and to my delight they had the sweetest metal landing I have ever ridden to 20 ft wide big safety rolled in and out. The event was sponsored by Yamaha so we had brand new YZ 250s waiting with a Yamaha support truck. It was like it was my birthday! (Oh wait. It was.) The only issue was the stadium was right on the beach so it was windy all the time. We put our parts on the bikes and then went to eat. When we got back we turned the lights on and started practicing. To my surprise, the wind didn't bother us (I think the bleachers were our saviour there,) however the seemingly hard dirt quickly turned to sand. We left and got some dinner, where they even sang Happy Birthday to me in Spanish.

Omar, the show organizer, showed some concern that we hadn't flipped in practice. After some Vino (wine) Julian told the promoter he would flip third hit the next day. The next day (show day) we practiced around 3:00pm, and true to his word, Julian flipped his third hit. I, on the other hand, waited to feel more comfortable and the run in turned so bad there was no way I wanted to do it then. We got changed out of our costumes and relaxed before the show. Omar met with us and told us how the show was going to go. I wasn't really listening...all I was thinking about was flipping in the show. I knew we had 5 hits first round and I was flipping in that run before the run in became horrible again.

I went out and my first three hits were tricks, the fourth was a flip set up, and the fifth was a flip. When I rode back over to the rider area, Shuck greeted me with a weird look and said, "We weren't supposed to flip that round." My reply "really I dont remember that from the meeting."

My flip caused a domino effect...out of pride, Julian felt forced to flip. He ended up popping his knee out, which ended his night. Sorry, Julian!

Then Shuck went out and did his run. Of course he flipped, too. From them on, the show went as planned and we all had a good time. I was told there might be another one in 3 months.

I'm already packed.


TW getting the crowd pumped

Cali's, AJ Smith, durng an interview

Y-town event shirts

Canada's, Alex Abbott, taking the win

Clint during the pro demo

Garry Robertson over the big gap

Hardware and prizes

Every level of rider's welcome

New York, New York good old NY
It was time for one of the largest events of the year for Team FMX. This year¡¦s attendance was over 100,000 people for the weekend and it was at the Metro NY Balloon and Music Festival put on by Remax NY. The event grew 40% from last year and looks like its going to get bigger. The Team has already been asked to come back next year and bring the back flip. As you will see in the pictures below it is enormous. Once again Travis brought in Bill Knight with the XFR Street Bike Stunt Team accompanied by Ludicrous Luke Duke. They had to rearrange the street course which worked out great. They were able to get more room to perform the tricks at high speeds. As always they put on a great routine. The FMX line up consisted of TW getting back on the bike, Jadd Knox, Tim Wrey and Big Truck Bobby. Tim and Bobby are a few local riders that the team met last year. They actually performed with Team FMX in Connecticut last year. Well they were back. Travis was feeling out his injury and was only able to do a few tricks. Unfortunately Bobby went down hard in practice and was not able to ride for the rest of the weekend. Jadd Knox and Tim Wrey held down the Freestyle Motocross Show with huge tricks and up close trains. The Freestyle Moto X was mixed in with the monster truck show, so Travis took over the mic after hitting the ramp a few times and announced for the Monster Trucks as well. The truck line up was Mopar Magic, Stone Crusher, Cowboy, and the Gun Slinger. They are a great bunch of guys and awesome drivers. Just like last year they put on a great performance. It was three days of fair weather and good times. The Team looks forward to going back next year.
On to, The Works, on the History Channel, that¡¦s right if you caught last weeks episode of the new series ¡¡±The Works¡¨ it was about motorcycles. The History Channel contacted Team FMX inquiring about filming one of the shows and Clint & Travis giving their prospective of riding, bikes, and the famous ¡¡±Back Flip¡¨. Clint stuck the flip and the show did a great job with interviewing Clint and Travis along with a few shots of Craig Roberts in the episode as well. Be sure to check it out. Always move forward!

The balloon's are blowing up

The Gun Slinger

Travis back in action

The stands were packed

JK KOD over?

Riders are ready, Trucks are ready

Y in the sky

Bill Knight and Luke Duke w/ XFR

Tim Wray in the clouds

Straight from TV

Clint flips into History

Nice hair

History Channel gets animated

UGP on the History Channel

Busy as always fans, and we cannot complain. Before we get started with the tour we need to jump back to Bristol, TN. The riders there were Clint, Craig, and Travis and the Freestyle Motocross Show was on the drag strip. The first night was called ¡¡±Street Fights¡¨ which included locals racing each other. Then on Saturday it was a Monster Truck show. The first night everything went great, however on the second night Mother Nature was relentless. The rain came and did not stop all day. Not to worry as always Team FMX went above and beyond as well as the track crew. As soon as the rain quit halfway through the show the guys got out there with blowers, torches, and track dryers to make it the best they could. Travis lined up first to check out the conditions. The ramps were wet and he did lose a little traction on the take off. He went back and let the other riders know and they all agreed it was possible. Never the less the riders went out and took the show by storm (literally). The crowd was great and the promoters were grateful they were able to perform for the 4+ thousand people on hand. After the show the guys relaxed with old friends before heading south to get ready for a multiple week trip.
Team FMX has been all around and back from a four week trip throughout the mid west. First let¡¦s rewind to the Maggie Valley, NC Bike Rally Show. This was the 2nd time Team FMX has performed in the Valley however this was the first time this promoter put on a bike rally. It was not bad for the first time and I believe it will only improve. Unfortunately Travis jammed his knee during the last show and will be taking the next few weeks off. Not to worry, Craig Roberts finished up the last show before heading home and getting ready for the month long road trip. After getting home Travis had a pretty good knee injury however it does not slow down the progress of the Team. After a few bottles of Ibuprofen, a set of crutches, and a few weeks off, Travis will be back in action.
Now it starts out in Union, MO at their County Fair. This was a one night Freestyle Motocross Show combined with Monster Trucks. The riders lined up were Paul Smith, Terry Russell, and Craig Roberts. Unfortunately Craig slipped a peg when landing and broke his heel and tore his meniscus. Not to worry he will be back up and running in no time. Paul and Terry put on a great jam session in between the monster trucks. Travis coordinated and announced the combination of shows and the fans as well as the Fair committee were amazed by the excitement.
After the show it was time to load up and get ready for Jefferson County Fair also in MO. It was only about an hour down the street which made for easy traveling. Last year it was only a one day Freestyle Motocross Show and this year it was scheduled for three. Travis is still hurt at this time and Craig had to fly back to NJ to get an MRI. And as for Paul, he went back to Canada for his FMX Suzuki gig. Therefore the riders that performed at this show were Terry Russell and Jadd Knox out of FL. The fair let the Team build a dirt landing instead of setting up the landing ramp which made for a better time for the riders. Joining the Freestyle MX show was a local band, Anix that jammed out during the FMX show. These are just kids that can rock out hard with their music. The show there was yet another success and they want Team FMX back next year.
It¡¦s time once again to load up for the next Freestyle Moto-X Show just a few days later in Harrisburg, IL, ahhh life on the road. This is always a great stop and was no exception this year. The guys got to hang out with old friends and had a great time. Travis is still limping around and not ready to ride yet but Terry Russell and Paul Smith were able to do the job and do it well. The show was on a Monday night so the attendance was a little light but still had several hundred people enjoying the entertainment.
Afterwards Terry went home and Travis dropped Paul off at the airport once again to fly back to Canada for Suzuki. Travis then truck drove it to Lexington, Ohio for the final gig of the tour. This was an event that AMA hired Team FMX for and it was no joke. As Travis arrived on Thursday there were over ten thousand people all ready there. He had no idea how huge this event is. Still deciding not to ride Travis called in Bryan Prindle to fill in for him. The other two riders he had lined up were Jadd Knox and Mike Angerman. They performed three FMX shows a day for three days and once again everybody was amazed. However at this show Angerman was hired to come in and turn his bike upside down. As he did with ease and the crowd went nuts. Angerman is very smooth and consistent on his flips and threw down many over the weekend. Jadd Knox made the sports cover of the local newspaper doing a huge kiss of death. All in all it was an awesome show and AMA asked Team FMX to come back next year.
It is now time to head south for a weekend off and so the landing ramp can get some work done to it. Travis will be getting ready for the Metro NY Balloon Festival in Long Island. Last years attendance was over 70,000 with rain. This year it is expected to be even bigger. We will update you on that as soon as we get back. Stay tuned as we will have more exciting news coming soon.


Start of the show

What are you looking at?

Esposito eyeing up the situation

08 Cummins is the newest addition to the Team

Team FMX roll's into Bristol Dragway

10 year old Awesome Austin L. whipping it out on a 35fter

Roberts arch

Vendor's checking out the warm up

Russell's running man

The stage is set

P. Smith and T. Russell Train

Nice finish

Europe's very own Kevin Carmichael

Angerman, Prindle & Knox all lined up

Thursday's crowd as the Team is arriving.

J Knox with a huge KOD

Nice Cliffy

St. Louis on the horizon

Freestyle that

Just commitment

Then your upside down

Then you ride away

It has been a while people and a lot has happened. We will try to get you caught up the best we can. Starting off with the Iowa Freestyle Show, the crew showed up to find out that it was going to snow. It was an outdoor event that went well last year however the snow ultimately canceled the event this year. Never the less the crew was on hand to assist the best they could and make the best out of a bad situation. It was then time to head west for the Freestyle Motocross show in IL. This was a dirt bike facility that was outrageous. It was on a huge piece of land that had several tracks as well as a rally car track. The show consisted of Clint Esposito, owner of FMX East, Craig Roberts, and Travis Willis. Team FMX was contacted by the History Channel to see if they could send a crew out to film for a new TV series that will be airing in the fall. Travis was more than happy to have them aboard and get some national coverage. The episode was about the evolution of motorcycles and Freestyle Motocross is part of it. It worked out great because they got to film the Motocross races as well as the Freestyle Moto X show. All in all it was a great time and some great new friends made. Team FMX was also joined by Eric Jensen a local quad rider that brought out his ramp and pulled off some nice tricks of his own. The show ended with Clint pulling off several back flips for the MX crowd that got them pumped to go out for their 2nd moto. As always we look forward to going back next year.
Now the fun begins as Travis and Clint head to the Hawgs and Hills bike rally in Texas. On the way to the show on Interstate 10 at about 12am there was a Honda Accord that decided to pull out in front of them. They swerved to miss however the Accord did not. It ended up tearing up the side of the Team bus and bending two axels on the landing ramp. It seemed as though they were not going to make the show. Not to worry we have not missed a show yet and it is going to take more than this to do it. The guys had to park it for the night but got on the phone to see about getting it all fixed so they could make the show. Long story short they patched the bus back together and got a new axel put on the landing and 24 hours later they were back on the road and made it to the show for a great performance. It was a challenge but they still pulled it off. They made it back home safe and were very thankful nobody got hurt. No worries the other driver had insurance and it was her fault so Team FMX received some new upgrades to the ramp as well as getting a new Team truck.
Now it was time to head north to Canada for the NASCAR Canadian Tire series race. This was a NASCAR sanctioned race with all the goods. The series was filmed for TV and had some great racing. Being the Team bus is down TW had to make a few adjustments to the set up and brought in a landing ramp from Canada and had Rich Kearns join him for the show. Rich is from Connecticut and met with Travis on the road after getting dropped off by Paul Smith on his way to another show. Rich is a great guy with a huge bag of tricks including the flip. The fellas ran into a little situation but were able to make a great show for the thousands of fans on hand. In other news Team FMX and FMX EAST have merged together to really put some stats down on the board. Look for new and exciting things in the near future. See you at the show.
Local Quad rider Eric J.

Casey, IL set up

Roberts with a double grab

Clint getting upside down

Honda Accord Carnage

Nice Rims

Waiting on repairs

Tom Suarez shot

Getting the job done

Sweet buggy

Freestyle on a Harley

Clint kicking back

Ok so it was a short trip over to St. Augustine, FL for Spring Stock 08. This was an event that included live bands, world know DJ¡¦s, a wake boarding rail jam along with Team FMX Freestyle Motocross. The guys arrived the night prior just before the rain set in and were unable to set up for the show. Although the next morning they got the ramps in place and started warming up. The winds were pretty brisk and they were only able to do what they could without getting blown off the ramp. Never the less everybody rode good under the circumstances and made it through safe. After the guys were done there were a few problems the event organizers ran into on top of the rain. Unfortunately, the rain kind of put the event underwater once night fall set in and it was not a good sign. After the guys were done riding they packed up and were getting ready for the next adventure to Puerto Rico. This event included 8 FMX riders and has been scheduled and then delayed several times. No surprise the show was delayed once again. We will update you on that soon. Now on with the Big News.
Long time Team FMX rider Scott Murray took home the Golden Helmet with the double back flip at the MX World Championships in California this past weekend. It was some fierce competition that has once again raised the bar in the FMX Industry. It is getting out of control with what these guys are doing now and we all wonder what¡¦s next? Never the less Murray has paid his dues and has finally received the recognition that he deserves. Congratulations Scott and good luck at Summer X this year.
Well there haven¡¦t been any double back flips at TW¡¦s house in the new foam pit but there has been some flipping going on. Before the trip to PR the FMX East riders drove down and were getting ready to join Team FMX for the trip before it was postponed again. It was not a total waste of time being the riders got to try some flips and others were perfecting their flips along with a few variations. It was a lot of fun and look for the East Coast riders to start moving up the ranks with the flips and variations. The following weekend Travis and some local friends were having a little fun with the minis and started to just huck stuff out. P-boy was his name but know he is known as the Bar Setter. Travis neighbor, Jason, started going all out on the 110. It started with 1 handed flips onto no handed flips. Then it was a knack flip onto an under flip and finishing off with a 1 handed under flip. Keep in mind Jason has never jumped a dirt bike before but is now addicted. Sure it was into foam but still when you can get it done in the pit the next step is dirt. Enjoy the pic¡¦s and we will see you soon. Until then loop out on the ramp.

What's everybody looking at?

Team FMX Moto X-Mas Jam

Friday night before Christmas

Paul Smith's stretch out routine

Santa was on hand to say Hi

Getting ready for the show

Santa Claus dashing through the air

Which way is he going?

Cowboy Kenny & Mr. T getting ready for the train


One of many in Tulsa


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